What Ofsted say about us

Every school in the country is regularly inspected by Ofsted, the organisation in charge of monitoring and checking standards in schools. They look at how well the school is being run, how good the teaching is, whether it provides value for money and whether it is caring for its children properly. 

Our school was assessed in May 2018 - a full report can be read online here. We were disappointed with the final grading of 'Requires Improvement', but are determined to build on the report's recommendations. We have been judged as 'Good' in the previous two inspections (in 2015 and 2010), and are fully committed to providing the best education we can for our children and returning to this level as soon as possible. 

Much of the report was very positive about the school, focussing in particular on our strengths in behaviour, Early Years and inclusion: 

"Bedwell Primary is a very caring and inclusive school. Pupils are proud of their school and behave well." 

"Pupils are a credit to the ways in which the school has nurtured and supported their social and emotional development. They are polite, kind, confident and welcoming."

"Pupils are happy and enjoy school, as they say it ‘gives us different experiences’ and ‘helps us to know more than we did before’."

Ofsted report, 2018

Our strengths

The report identified many other strengths, including: 

  • "Pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities are well supported." 
  • "The curriculum is creatively designed and is enriched by a wide range of clubs and other activities. Pupils enjoy learning a range of subjects." 
  • "Leaders, staff and pupils are united in their view that discrimination of any kind is not tolerated at their school." 
  • "Pastoral care is strong. Staff know pupils and their families well. They share the headteacher’s commitment and determination to make sure the school is a ‘safe haven’ and that all pupils feel safe and are well cared for." 
  • "The teaching of phonics is a strength of the school. As a result ... reading progress is good in key stage 1." 
  • In Early Years, "High aspirations and enthusiasm support the determination that all children should make good or better progress," and "Relationships are warm and caring, and this helps children to feel confident, happy and safe."
Our community 

The report also included lots of positive comments about our children and families:

  • "Pupils enjoy writing and can describe how their writing has improved."
  • "Most parents and carers ... would recommend the school to another parent."
  • "The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils conduct themselves well around the school. They play cooperatively at breaktimes and enjoy each other’s company."
  • "Pupils have increased access to a range of sporting activities and events, both during and after the school day. This is valued by pupils, supports their self-esteem and enables them to learn how to keep themselves fit and healthy."
  • "Pupils are keen to learn and impress their teachers." 
School improvement

We use reports from Ofsted, along with internal monitoring, reports from external professionals, data and the views of our children, parents, staff and governors to evaluate our performance and plan future improvements.

We regularly evaluate our own performance, which we pull together in our Self Evaluation Form - which you can read here

This, in turn, allows us to identify priorities for school improvement. This year, we have identified six key areas for development:

  • Gettting back on track 
  • Curriculum implementation
  • Sticky learning
  • Home learning
  • Attendance
  • Governance 

 You can find out more about our plans for the year in our School Development Plan, which you can read here.