Forest Club

Forest Club gets together after school every week to work with Mrs Devenish and Mrs Prosho to investigate, enjoy and improve the forest area at the bottom of the school field. Over the last year they have made paths and gathering areas in the forest, learnt to care for the plants that live there and investigated the animals that live in this little habitat.


Here's what Dormice Class had to say about their adventures in the forest...  

This term it has been Dormice’s turn to attend Forest School every Friday. Forest School is a great way for us to develop confidence, independence and teamwork skills, and we have had great fun exploring the environment, engaging in different activities and making our own snack. We particularly liked making animal pictures of our animal names, making magical wands, drinking hot chocolate and playing the games at the end of each session. Next term, Fieldmice will be going into the forest every Friday

"The planning of the early years curriculum is strong. It links closely to the curriculum in other year groups and provides a secure foundation for children s future learning."

Ofsted report, 2022