Basketball Club

We're big fans of basketball in Years 5&6, a sport that really promotes all-around fitness and which can be played by children of all shapes and sizes. We practice shooting, dribbling, defence and passing, both indoors and out, using our full-size playground hoops, working on improving skills and stamina. We have a strong reputation for basketball in town, having been finalists in the Stevenage Tournament for three of the last five years, and twice making it to the County Finals - you can read about how we got on in our last contest below.


Latest news: 

  • Determined to improve on last year's 3rd place finish, the members of our Basketball team enthusiastically headed into school during half-term to put in some extra practice and make sure they were fully prepared for this year's Stevenage Tournament, which took place at Barnwell School. Competition was tough (and occasionally quite rough), but our impressive skills and teamwork saw us all the way through to the final, where we were unlucky to lose by a single basket to a strong Round Diamond team, and we returned with a well-deserved cluster of silver medals.

"Teachers and other adults have very positive relationships with pupils. As a result pupils work with confidence and commitment."

Ofsted report, 2022