Cooking Club

Please note that all clubs are currently suspended. We're hoping they may be able to restart in the Spring.    

We run two cooking clubs - one for Year 1/2 and one for Year 3/4. Across the year, they use a wide range of cooking techniques to make loads of yummy snacks, deserts and meals. Baking is always a big favourite, and lots of cakes and biscuits appear from the ovens each week. 


Cooking Club is run by Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Mooney and Mrs Clawson. Please speak to them if you would like to join - places are limited, but change each term, so extra names are placed on a waiting list.

"Pupils have increased access to a range of sporting activities and events, both during and after the school day. This is valued by pupils, supports their self-esteem and enables them to learn how to keep themselves fit and healthy."

Ofsted report, 2018