School Council

At the beginning of the year, each class selects two School Council Representatives. Candidates make speeches and secret voting takes place, before one girl and one boy are elected to represent the interests of their class on School Council. This year, Chloe Co-operation (one of our learning superheroes) introduced the election process and explained how it all works - you can watch her video here.

Council meetings take place every few weeks, discussing all sorts of school issues, from proposed events and trips to ideas for improving the playground. For instance, over the last year the Council has helped to organise our Summer and Autumn Fayres, which have raised over £2000, worked with staff to promote Anti-Bullying Week and discussed proposals for a new 'trim trail' on the school field. School Council is supported by Mrs Draper.  

You can meet our current School Councillors below - click on their names to read the brilliant speeches they wrote and presented in order to get elected.

Minutes of meetings:

"Pupils are confident and have well-developed social skills… The school is a calm and orderly place in which to learn."

Ofsted report, 2022

Our School Councillors #1 
Our School Councillors #2
  • Badgers - Amela & Mason  - Amela was keen to secure more Golden Time equipment, and Mason was keen on fundraising events.  
  • Moles - Poppy & Jaden - they were both keen to organise more clubs, sports events and art activities.    
  • Foxes - Ella & Lucas - Ella wanted to ensure everyone's views were represented, while Lucas was keen on cycling, shows and sport. 
  • Falcons - Aleena & Alfie - both promised to be kind, caring and to do all they could to make Year 5/6 the best year possible!