School Uniform

It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when in school, or when taking part in school trips and events. We believe that this helps to make all the children here feel part of a school community, and promotes a sense of equality. Our school uniform is made up of the following items:


  • grey trousers 
  • white shirt or polo shirt 
  • green sweatshirt / jumper 
  • plimsols 


  • grey skirt or trousers 
  • white blouse or polo shirt 
  • green sweatshirt / jumper 
  • green & white checked summer dress 
  • plimsols 

"Relationships are warm and caring, and this helps children to feel confident, happy and safe."

Ofsted report, 2018

PE kit

All children also need to have their own school PE kit. This consists of a pair of black shorts and a t-shirt in their house colour (either blue, red, green or yellow).  

During the winter, our children often do PE outdoors, for which jogging bottoms, sweatshirts and trainers are also required.

Ordering uniform

Sweatshirts, plimsols, PE kit and book bags are all available to order from Mapac at: 

If you have any questions about this or have any issues with ordering, please contact the school office via 01438 351198 or