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SATs Results

    "Pupil make good progress throughout the school... All teachers are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all pupils so that they achieve well."

    Every May, Year 6 children across England take statutory tests in Literacy and Maths. Last year, a new set of tests were introduced, setting higher expectations and altering the way scores are given. In previous years, results were given in 'levels', with a Level 4 being the national expectation for Year 6. From 2016, test scores will be coverted into a 'Standardised Score' between 80 and 120 for each subject, with a score of 100 representing the new expected level for starting secondary schools. Children across the country found these tests much more challenging, and the percentage achieving expected levels dipped in almost every school - ours included - as a result. The other way in which SATs results are interpretted is through the progress that children have made since Year 2 (called the Value Added score, or VA for short), and ranked by this measure, our children performed really strongly.

2016 resultsx

  • Reading - 53% achieved a score of 100 or better, with 18% scoring over 110. Our average Standardised Score was 99.9.

  • Writing (where there was no test this year, so results are based on Teacher Assessment) - 63% reached national expecations, with 18% awarded the highest "Exceeding" outcome. Our Value Added score put us in the top 15% of schools nationally.

  • Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary & Spelling (GPVS) - 53% were awarded a score of 100 or more, with 21% scoring over 110. Our average Standardised Score was 100.8

  • Maths - 61% met national expectations with a score of 100 or more, with 24% achieving 110 or more. Our average Standardised Score was 102.2. Our Value Added score put us in the top 25% of schools across the country.







2016 Results
(% reaching national expectations)
Reading 52.6%
Writing 63.2%
Maths 60.5%
GPVS 52.6%




Previous Results
(Level 4 and above)
Reading: 76%
Writing: 74%
Maths: 68%
Reading: 82%
Writing: 70%
Maths: 85%
Reading: 67%
Writing: 79%
Maths: 88%
Reading: 86%
Writing: 81%
Maths: 86%
Literacy: 68%
Maths: 79%
Literacy: 76%
Maths: 72%
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