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Bedwell School,
Bedwell Crescent,
Herts, SG1 1NJ 01438 351198


Miss E Shaw

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School, 2019

School Policies

    "Pupils are keen to learn and impress their teachers."

    Bedwell School, like all other schools and most organisations, has a wide range of policies which explain the way that we organise ourselves and do things. These govern everything from Behaviour to Maths teaching, and are renewed every 3 years. Paper copies of all of our polices can be obtained via the school office - for contact details, check here.

    Links to all of our current policies are listed below:

    • Admissions Guidance - further information on admissions can be found here.

    • Attendance Policy - how we ensure excellent levels of attendance for all our children and deal with issues of non-attendance.

    • Behaviour Policy - lays out the system we use to ensure that everyone is treated fairly has the same high expectations for behaviour.

    • Capability Procedure - explains how we manage situations where there are serious concerns about staff performance that have not been resolved through the normal appraisal process.

    • Charging and Remissions Policy - explains when we will charge you for activities which your child is invovlved in (and when we will not).

    • Chid Protection Policy - all the things we do to make sure that the School is a safe, secure place and that everything we do is run responsibly.

    • Children Looked After - how we promote the educational achievement and welfare of Children Looked After within our school.

    • Complaints Policy - information on how to contact us if If you are dissatisfied about the way your child is being treated, or any actions or lack of action by the School.

    • Confidentiality Policy - guidance on using, holding and safeguarding information within the school

    • Data Retention Policy - explains how long we hold data in a variety of situations.

    • eSafety Policy - describes the steps we take to ensure that we use IT and personal data safely, and that we learn how to use the internet sensibly.

    • Governor Payments - sets out in what circumstances Governors are (and are not) entitled to claim for expenses.

    • Maths Calculation Policy - lays out the way we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division throughout the School, progressing in clear steps from Year 1 to Year 6

    • Mental Maths Policy - a step-by-step overview of the way we teach key mental maths strategies throughout the School.

    • Privacy Notice -explains how the school collects, stores, uses or shares any information we hold about you or your child.

    • Pupil Premium Policy - explains how we spend the additional funding we recieve to narrow the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers

    • Safer Recruitment Policy - explains the steps that the school goes through to attract the best possible applicants for all jobs and ensure that all staff are suitable for their roles.

    • SEN Report - explains how we identify and support children with Special Educational Needs.

    • Staff Code of Conduct - gives all staff guidance on the standards of behaviour they are expected to observe.

    • Staff Disciplinary Policy - explains how we respond to and investigate allegations of misconduct made against members of staff.

    • Supporting Children with Medical Conditions - how we meet the needs of children and young people with long-term conditions.

    • Whistleblowing Policy - describes the process that staff should follow if they believe colleagues are acting improperly.


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