Mathematics is a key subject that covers a huge range of topics and skills. As well as practicing mental and written methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, we learn about money, measures, time, shape, statistics, co-ordinates and a whole lot more besides. 

Our biggest focus over the last two years has been on developing our mathematical reasoning skills - the ability to apply what we know to a range of problems and use a range of strategies to unpick and approach problems. This can be tricky, and at times involves getting a bit stuck - but it's these 'stuck points' that help us to become more independent, make more rapid progress and, ultimately, become better mathematicians.

In order to do this, we base our teaching around the Herts for Learning Essential Maths planning tool. This ensures constant links are made between concrete,  pictorial and representations, so that all children can make rapid progress towards mastery of the curriculum.

"Leaders have put in place an ambitious curriculum for all pupils that is well suited to their needs."

Ofsted report, 2022

Learning guides

Below you will find links to documents explaining what learning looks like in each year group:

This term's learning

Year 1 - Dormice class have been focussing on number, using part-part-whole templates and tens frames to help them add and subtract using numbers to 20. They have also been learning to double and halve confidently.   


Year 2 - Hedgehog class have been building their confidence with numbers to 100, using lots of models and concrete representations to support their learning. 

Year 5 and 6Eagle class have developed their knowledge of place value with numbers to ten million, learning to round, order, compare and represent numbers big and small.