Falcons - Year 6

Welcome to Falcon class! Our teacher is Mr Amoss, who is also our Assistant Headteacher. He is really good at maths and he says his favourite things are basketball, skiing and music. He doesn’t like ironing very much, and is scared of cockroaches!

Home learning ideas:

  • We have started using Google Classroom in class, so we will be familiar with it as a platform for learning beyond school. Login details have been sent out to parents.
  • In English, we are currently focussing on inventors and scientists. Below is a list of possible tasks that you can complete independently. These tasks can be completed on Google Classroom or written on paper.
  1. Research one of the following inventors/scientists: Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday, Leonardo Da Vinci or Marie Curie. What did they invent/discover? How did they change the world?
  2. Design your own invention. This could be a machine to tidy your room, a contraption that helps you get dressed, a homework machine etc. Draw, label and write a brief overview for your invention. Write an explanation of your invention. Explain what it does, how it works and who might use it.  
  • We are regularly set maths tasks and challenges via Mathletics, and should all know how to log in - let your teacher know if you can't get on. We've also started using Times Table Rock Stars to support us in learning our tables facts. If you can't access Mathletics, try some of these tasks at home:
  1. Daily practice of your times tables  
  2. Find the following shapes around the house: cube, cuboid, sphere, square based pyramid, triangle, hexagon 
  3. Create a board game using addition and subtraction questions that you have created and play it with a family member (it could be a similar game to snakes and ladders for example) 
  4. If an adult is completing an online shop, find out the price of each item and add them together and see if you get the same total as the online order 
  5. If you have a ruler, measure and compare three different items that are found in your house. Can you measure the length of your kitchen and the length of your lounge? Which room is bigger?  

Our latest news:

  • We started the term with a DT project that saw us investigating and building alarms that react to changes in the environment. We used tilt switches and light sensors to add alarms to treasure chests, safes and secret books, and enjoyed testing them out on our friends! 
  • In science this term, we have been exploring electrical circuits. We have revised the features (and components) that are needed to build a working circuit, and have learnt to draw and interpret circuit diagrams. We also constructed a variety of different switches and planned experiments to find out how you can change the brightness of a bulb in a circuit.  
  • School Council elections - One of our first tasks this term was to elect our new School Councillors. We thought carefully about the skills we thought a good class representative should have, what we liked about our school and how it could be improved further. Building on this, we then drew on all our understanding to write speeches, ’selling’ ourselves to the rest of our class and showing why we’d be the perfect Councillor. It was a tough choice, with loads of us making fantastic speeches, but once voting was complete and all the ballots had been counted, we elected Paris and Devarni. You can read their speeches here.     
  • Year 6 leapt at the chance to take part in the Young Voices project in the Spring. Having learnt a collection of (pretty tricky) songs, they headed down to the O2 for an amazing day! Our choir took their place alongside over 6000 other children and spent the afternoon rehearsing their songs, as well as the accompanying dance moves… And then, as if all that wasn’t enough, it was time for the performance proper, when another 13,000 audience members, a few special celebrity guests and a massive light show was added to the mix. It was huge, it was an amazing experience, and it now means that our brave choir members can all say that they have played the O2!

"Pupils are a credit to the ways in which the school has nurtured and supported their social and emotional development. They are polite, kind, confident and welcoming."

Ofsted report, 2018

We have been learning about... 

English - This half term we have worked on all thing persuasive. The term began with a spy-themed assault course, followed by a secret message from MI6. Our model text was a letter of application to join the secret service in order to capture the infamous Dr Black. After weeks of learning about the features and structure of persuasive writing, we wrote our own application letters. Needless to say a handful of us wanted to apply to work in Dr. Black’s evil organisation instead, which we did with great relish and enthusiasm.

Art - In the Spring, we spent time in our English and Guided Reading lessons exploring the story Wonder, by R.J Palacio. This brilliant, inspirational book has allowed us to see the world through the eyes of August Pullman - a boy battling to be seen as more than his facial differences. At the start of the unit, we spent time creating art work using the front cover of the book for inspiration. To achieve this, we also spent time reflecting on the words that stand out to us. Below, you can see some fantastic examples of our finished pieces.

This term's topics

English - This half term we are learning to write recounts, with a focus on newspaper articles. A recount is a piece of non-fiction writing, so we will first look at the different types of non-fiction and discuss their uses. Having done that we will learn what makes a recount (past tense, chronological order etc). We will also continue to develop our ability to analyse and infer from a text through our reading lessons.

Maths - We will continue to follow the Herts Essentials framework. Over the coming weeks, we will be focussing on written strategies for multiplication and division, with most of us learning to use short and long division to quickly solve problems. In addition, we will be developing our understanding of fractions, ensuring that we all have a really clear idea of what fractions are and what they mean. This will lead to us comparing, ordering, simplifying, adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions, as well as learning how to interpret negative numbers in a variety of ways.

Science - We will begin by completing our Electricity topic, developing our ability to draw conclusions from results and learning about the lives and work of famous scientists like Faraday, Maxwell and Franklin. We will then move on to investigate evolution, learning about the way that animals around the world have adapted over time to suit their environment.

Humanities - This half term we will carry out a focussed study of Brazil. We will begin by completing a map study of South America, locating different countries and capital cities. Following this, we will then explore the culture and human geography of Brazil, researching things like the flag, language, currency, cuisine, arts and sports. We will look into the economy of Brazil and how the country makes money. Finally, we will draw together everything we have learned about Brazil to compare life there with life in the UK.

Take a look at our curriculum map for more information on our topics.