Physical Education

Sport, fitness and academic success all go hand in hand, so at Bedwell we take our PE really seriously. Every class has at least 2 hours of timetabled PE every week, taught by a mixture of class teachers and our specialist PE Teacher, Mr Butler. We aim to introduce our children to as many sports and actitives as possible, so that they can find the one that suits them, and so that everyone can experience success - and consequently our provision includes everything from fencing to trampolining and street dance to swimming.

PE also provides a huge range of opportunities to develop our learning powers, particularly co-operation, empathy and perseverance. To find out more about what we teach and how learnng fits together, take a look at our skills and knowledge progression:  

The aim of our PE curriculum

Sport, exercise, dance and gymnastics provide a fantastic platform on which to build a huge range of skills. We want our children to: 

  • Know how to stay fit and healthy, understand the importance of exercise and live healthy lives 
  • Enjoy being active, and as a result choose to engage in sport, exercise, dance and gymnastics in their free time, both in and out of school 
  • Understand how to work as a team to achieve a common goal, agreeing rules, roles and tactics, and sharing responsibility for outcomes 
  • Be introduced to a broad range of sports, primarily through the taught curriculum, but also through lunchtime activities and after-school clubs (all of which are free to join), so that they can find the one that will become their passion 
  • Play competitively, taking pride in their accomplishments and relishing the opportunity to represent their class, house, school or town 
  • Learn about winning and losing in a safe environment 
  • Develop a sense of fair play, respecting players, officials and the rules of a game 
  • Have the chance to take sport further, through introductions to local clubs, and with our more talented children supported in taking part in opportunities such as the Herts Schools Games and District Football. 
  • Recognise that sport should be, above all else, fun

"Staff provide a range of additional activities and opportunities including sports clubs and visits to places of interest. These broaden pupils experience and raise their aspirations."

Ofsted report, 2022

Experiences we want every child to have at Bedwell:
  • Take part in a regular diet of competitive intra-school events across a range of sports from Year 2 upwards; as children progress through the school, this expands to include officiating and organising events through our Sports Crew 
  • Represent the school in a Level 2 competition [our goal is that all children should represent the school at least once during Year 5/6; many children will take part in far more events than this] 
  • Play sport in front of spectators (through inter-school events and our Sports Days) 
  • Take part in adventurous, outdoor activities, such as climbing, abseiling, raft building or orienteering 
  • Be introduced to local clubs and training centres through in-school taster sessions and longer-term projects (such as Chance to Shine cricket)
Sporting success stories

Stevenage Festivals -It's been another busy term of sporting action! Our Year 3/4 tennis squad finished second in the Stevenage Tennis Tournament. 21 children from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Stevenage Cross-Country Festival, with our Year 5 boys team placing 4th overall. We have also been in action in Rowing and Dodgeball events organised by Stevenage Sporting Futures, as well as town-wide Netball and Football leagues.  


Football - Our season kicked-off with the Stevenage Schools FA Autumn Tournaments, which we hosted at Bedwell. You can find out lots more about how we got on over on our Football Club page.