Foxes - Year 5

Welcome to Fox class! Our teacher is Mr Roberts, who has been at Bedwell ever since he started teaching, 17 years ago. He particularly likes science, storytelling and sport, and is also our Deputy Headteacher.

Home learning ideas:

Our latest news:

  • We threw ourselves into this year’s Sports Week, taking part in hockey, cricket, trampolining, golf and fitness sessions, as well as our fantastic Sports Day. Find out more about our week here
  • Our top athletes took part in the Stevenage Athletics Festival. It was a great day out, giving our team the opportunity to both take on the best runners, jumpers and throwers in town, and to compete on a proper running track (in many cases for the first time). With 19 schools and almost 350 children involved, the standard of competition was really high, but we gave it our all in every event, and we were particularly proud of Aleena (ball throw) and Cairo (long jump), who both won bronze medals. Even more impressively, when all the scores were added up, we discovered that we had finished in 4th place overall, just missing out on the team medals.
  • We’ve been learning lacrosse, and got to take part in a training session with Great Britain goalkeeper (and European champion) Katie Greenwood. This helped to prepare us for the Stevenage Lacrosse Festival, where 12 of us got to represent the schoo. We finished in third place and secured bronze medals. 
  • We took on the role of Agrahbahns in our end-of-year production of Aladdin, learning several key songs and dances
  • 22 of us took part in the Bikeability scheme, with 18 of us going out on the roads to complete our Level 2 award

"Leaders have put in place an ambitious curriculum for all pupils that is well suited to their needs."

Ofsted report, 2022

We have been learning about... 

Persuasive Writing - Linked to our work on rainforests, we received a letter from Dr Jackson Quisk from ZORG Industries, who was seeking our support for his massive deforestation plan. We thought this was a terrible idea, so we wrote back to him, using our best persuasive writing techniques to show why he should change his mind.


Science - We have been investigating electricity this term, making switches, learning to draw circuit diagrams and carrying out experiments


Maths - We really enjoyed learning about measurement, taking part in lots of practical activities as we learnt to read a range of scales and got a better sense of what 1kg or 1 litre 'looks like'.     

This term's topics

English - We’re focussing on persuasive writing in our final English unit of the year. We will be reading and watching lots of adverts, thinking about the techniques that they use to hook us in and then ‘sell’ places and products to us effectively. We will make persuasive presentations of our own, and will then focus in on persuasive letter writing, thinking about the way that writers structure their arguments to make them as effective as possible. All of this will feed into our final extended writing pieces, where we will be arguing to save the rainforest habitats that we have met in our geography topic.

Maths - We will begin the half-term by focussing on statistics, using line graphs, pie charts and tables to represent data and answer questions. We will carry out surveys and tests to collect our own data and then choose the right way to present our findings. We will also learn to find the mean of a data set. After that we will be exploring time, learning to read timetables (a really useful practical skill), as well as calculating with time. We will also make sure that we all know how to read the time accurately from analogue clocks Throughout the term we will also be revising our arithmetic skills, particularly the use of written multiplication, short division and the addition of fractions.

Science - Our final topic of the year will see us investigating electricity. We will extend our understanding of conductors, insulators and batteries, and then learn to draw circuit diagrams using standard symbols. We will also be carrying out lots of practical work, developing our ability to draw conclusions from results and learning about the work of famous scientists like Faraday and Maxwell.

Humanities - We will be learning about rainforest environments this term, discovering what makes them special, where they are found and what it’s like to live there. We will plot rainforests on a variety of maps, linking their locations to the tropics, and will compare them with other environments we know about, such as deserts, mountains and local forests. We will also learn more about the different layers of the rainforest, comparing life on the forest floor with life in the treetop canopy.

Take a look at our curriculum map for more information on our topics.