Our staff

With around 250 children currently on roll, the School is split into 10 classes, from Nursery to Year 6. Each class has its own full-time teacher, and is also supported by our dedicated and experienced team of teaching assistants.

Leadership Team:

  • Miss E Shaw, Headteacher. Miss Shaw has been teaching for 20 years, 15 of which have been at Bedwell. After 13 years as Deputy Headteacher, she became our Headteacher in September 2018. She is in charge of everything in school and is determined to provide a safe, happy, supportive place to learn for every child.
  • Mr D Roberts, Deputy Headteacher. Mr Roberts joined Bedwell when he first qualified, 14 years ago, and has slowly worked his way up to the post of Deputy Headteacher. His role currently includes leadership of reading and computing.
  • Mrs S Wood, SENCo. A high percentage of our children have special educational needs and/or disabilities, and Mrs Wood provides all the staff with expert guidance and support to make sure that these children are able to access and succeed in their learning.    

"Relationships are warm and caring, and this helps children to feel confident, happy and safe."

Ofsted report, 2018

Our teachers
  • Bumblebees - Mrs T Steiner
  • Butterflies - Mrs M Eddison & Mrs A Humber
  • Ladybirds - Mrs R Devenish
  • Hedgehogs - Mrs J Jackson
  • Moles - Miss M Smith
  • Badgers - Mrs K Draper
  • Rabbits - Mrs K Thomas &  
  • Foxes - Mr W Hollingsworth
  • Eagles - Mr D Humber
  • Falcons - Mr D Roberts
  • PE teacher - Mr T Butler 
Teaching assistants
  • Mrs R Avis 
  • Miss A Bartlett 
  • Mrs T Clawson 
  • Mrs A Collins 
  • Miss L Davis 
  • Miss M Davis 
  • Mrs D Harvey 
  • Mrs S Hemmings 
  • Mrs M Hill 
  • Miss E Kean 
  • Mrs N Lea 
  • Mrs D Malcolm 
  • Mrs C Mooney 
  • Mrs M Moore 
  • Mrs S Nicholls 
  • Miss A Perrymann 
  • Mrs D Prosho 
  • Mrs P Savage 
  • Ms M Stanton 
  • Mrs G Wall-Nash 
  • Mrs M Woods
Admin, cleaning & MSAs 
  • Miss D Baker  
  • Miss L Garratt
  • Miss S Holden 
  • Mrs L Lindfield
  • Miss L Lindfield 
  • Mrs Y Mehmet 
  • Mr C Moses 
  • Miss J Ottery 
  • Mr C Prosho 
  • Ms C Rolfe 
  • Mrs W Sewell 
  • Mrs K Stanley
  • Ms K Webb