Black History Month

October is Black History Month, and to help us to understand what this means and why it is important, Chloe Co-operation popped-up in assembly to tell us all about it. With a bit of help from BBC Newsround (you can watch one of the clips we used here), we found out why this is the history of all of us and of every country - and something that can too often be overlooked or over-simplified in the history that we learn about.

Chloe focussed on the story of Harriet Tubman, an amazing American woman who escaped from slavery, then chose to go back and rescue other slaves, despite the dangers that faced her on every trip. Over her lifetime she freed over 70 slaves - and you can watch the clip we used in assembly (from the fantastic BBC True Stories series) here. 

Each class also received a book telling the life stories of heroes from black history, from Mary Seacole to Rosa Parks to Barack Obama, which we have been reading over the course of the month.

"Leaders have a strong commitment to supporting pupils wellbeing and personal development."

Ofsted report, 2022