Year 1's Fairytale Day

Our topic last term in Year 1 was A Land Far, Far Away! Over the course of the term we discovered lots of new stories and looked at the different characters in each, thinking about how they were similar and different, and investigating the types of characters (like brave heroes, trapped princesses and evil villains) that turned up again and again.


To finish off our topic we had Fairytale Day. It was lovely to see the children dressed up as different characters. Throughout the day we participated in many activities including writing letters to Grandma from Little Red Riding Hood, making crowns for Kings and Princesses, baking gingerbread men and the Queen of Hearts jam tarts and even going on a Fairy Tale hunt before finishing with a tea party!


"Relationships are warm and caring, and this helps children to feel confident, happy and safe."

Ofsted report, 2018