Ladybirds - Year 1

Welcome to Ladybird class! Our teacher is Mrs Devenish, who has been teaching at Bedwell for 15 years and loves making our lessons as creative as possible. Her favourite things are cooking and being outdoors, although she doesn’t like snow very much, and is scared of spiders.

Home learning ideas:

  • We will continue to use Tapestry to share work that we have done in school and share ideas for learning beyond school. Speak to Mrs Devenish if you're not sure about how to log in.
  • We are regularly set maths tasks and challenges via Mathletics, and should all know how to log in - let your teacher know if you can't get on.
  • Constant practice of reading and phonics is just about the most valuable thing you can do at home. Try to read with your child as often as possible and talk to them about what they’ve read. 
  • We follow the Read Write Inc phonics programme, and they have provided lots of guidance on supporting your child at home, which you can read here.
  • Throughout the year we are exploring how our environment changes with the seasons. You could build on this at home in lots of ways - exploring the park, making maps or looking for signs of autumn and winter on the way to and from school. Visit the Oak National Academy for useful resources. 
  • Have a go at creating your own portraits or self-portraits at home. You could use pencil, paint or whatever else comes to hand. There’s a nice BBC video guide to get you started here, and you could have a go at designing clothes for different characters at home as well. 
  • Keeping fit, happy and healthy is always important. There are links to lots of great resources and workouts to help everyone in the family get active at 

Our latest news:

  • A huge well done to everyone who has been taking part in, supporting and getting involved in our home learning this term! So many families have been posting pictures or returning fantastic work from the home learning packs. In particular, our Pippety Skycap topic led to some great work, especially all of the creative writing about a pixie or a giant’s pocket, and the lovely If I had wings poems. 
  • Meanwhile, those of us in school have been busy at work this term! We have tried to make it feel as ’normal’ as possible, and everyone has been keen to engage with every activity and learning opportunity. We have been starting off each day with a bit of fresh air and exercise by walking a mile. In English, we had a lot of fun with the Pippety Skycap topic, and we have also been working really hard on our number skills, especially doubling and halving. In addition, we have tried some fun craft activities especially building our own pixie houses!
  • School Council elections - One of our first tasks this term was to elect our new School Councillors. We thought carefully about the skills we thought a good class representative should have, what we liked about our school and how it could be improved further. Building on this, we then drew on all our understanding to write speeches (with a bit of help from our mums and dads), ’selling’ ourselves to the rest of our class and showing why we’d be the perfect Councillor. It was a tough choice, with loads of us making fantastic speeches, but once voting was complete and all the ballots had been counted, we elected Lexi and Ethan. You can read their speeches here.     
  • We had a great Christmas Party to finish the Autumn term. We played lots of games and had some delicious food. It was a fun time and we really didn’t want it to end. 

"Pupils are a credit to the ways in which the school has nurtured and supported their social and emotional development. They are polite, kind, confident and welcoming."

Ofsted report, 2018

We have been learning about... 

Reading - We take part in daily Read Write Inc sessions. This is the helping us with our phonics, reading and writing within ability groups. We have also looked at our favourite books and shared them within the class and written book reviews.

English - We have been learning a non-fiction text about How to Make a Pizza. We have been looking at the structure of a set of instructions and learning about what each section is for and how each step starts with a bossy word (imperative verb). We then changed the instructions to make a pizza of our choice. A lot of them had some very interesting toppings that not all of us were sure we wanted to try! Finally we invented our own set of instructions on how to make a new sleigh for Santa to help him at this busy time of year.


Maths - This term we have been investigating numbers to 10. We have used these to work out number bonds to 10, using tens frames and part-part-whole models to find different ways to make the same total. We have looked at more and fewer and used this to compare numbers by finding the difference and also named 2d and 3d shapes and looked at their different properties.

This term's topics

English - Next half-term, we will be looking at a selection of fairytales in our English sessions. We will be focussing in particular on Little Red Riding Hood, and comparing the characters found in this tale with those found in other fairy stories that we know. Building on this, we will work on character introductions, describing how people and creatures look, feel and behave. This will all lead to us writing our own stories, thinking about different endings for stories we know and making up our own fairytales using the same story structure. We will also continue to develop our understanding of sentence structure and practice our weekly key word spellings, which we will then use in our sentences.

Maths - We will be exploring numbers greater than ten, working out how many tens and ones there are in each number and representing this in a variety of different ways. We will also be identifying which of these numbers are odd or even, and exploring doubling and halving as well. By using different methods, equipment and strategies, we will become more fluent in our number knowledge, and will then be able to use this to help us to reason about numbers and solve problems.

Science - We will be investigating the different properties of a range of materials and finding out which one is the best choice to make different objects. The questions that we will be asking and investigating will include: What materials are there? What do we mean by waterproof? How can I test each material to find the best one?

Humanities - In RE we are looking at belonging and what it is like to belong to different groups. We will be comparing this to the different groups our fairytale characters belong to and how they celebrate special occasions - for instance, the Gingerbread Man’s birthday and Cinderella’s Wedding.

Take a look at our curriculum map for more information on our topics.