Bumblebees - Nursery

Welcome to Bumblebee class! Our teacher is Mrs Steiner, who has been teaching at Bedwell for 2 years and is kind, calm and helpful. We are also supported by our fantastic teaching assistants, Mrs Avis and Mrs Nichols. We all come to school in the mornings, and some of us also stay for the afternoons as well - if you are interested in finding out more about 30 hour provison or additional hours, please speak to Mrs Steiner or the School Office

Home learning ideas:

  • We will continue to use Tapestry to share work that we have done in school and share ideas for learning beyond school. Speak to Mrs Eddison if you're not sure about how to log in.
  • Constant practice of reading and phonics is just about the most valuable thing you can do at home. Try to read with your child as often as possible and talk to them about what they’ve read. 
  • We have daily phonics sessions which follow the ReadWriteInc scheme. They have lots of guidance on how you can support your child with phonics at home here. 
  • There are lots of resources to support learning around traditional stories available on the Oak Academy site - try starting with the Gingerbread Man set of lessons, here. 
  • We’ve been practicing our counting a lot in class, so building on this at home would be a huge help - you could count houses on the way to School, footsteps on the way to bed, shoes in the house, players on the team, objects in the shopping trolley, claps, nods... Anything and everything you can think of! 
  • Support your child in building their imagination and storytelling, building things using big cardboard boxes and pieces of fabric, or dressing up and pretending to be nurse, doctors or parents.  

Our latest news:

  • Our focus story has been The Gingerbread Man, and linked to this we have made our own gingerbread, coloured, counted, written, drawn and read. 
  • We have absolutely loved sharing our Tapestry journals this half term! It has helped develop our speaking, listening and communication skills. In class, many of us have been really excited to share what our parents have been putting online, and this has also helped our development. We also enjoy talking to our friends about what has been put online via the app and this has helped develop and strengthen friendships and connect us through common interests and experiences. 
  • At the start of the Spring Term, we all got involved in the Big Garden Bird Watch, spotting and counting birds in our gardens and making bird feeders to encourage more birds to come and visit us.

"Relationships are warm and caring, and this helps children to feel confident, happy and safe."

Ofsted report, 2018

We have been learning about... 

Child Initiated Learning - we have had the chance to try out a huge range of activities linked to learning, our own individual interests and our focus story, Owl Babies. As a result we have developed and widened our friendship circles, enabling us to engage with our environment and improve our speaking and listening skills. Many of us have made fantastic progress because of this. We always look forward to finding out what new activities and challenges have appeared in our classrooms each day and are also keen to find new ways to explore, use and play with the equipment and resources around us.

This term's topics

Communication & Language - Throughout the term, we will be learning to be good listeners, developing our ability to use spoken language to share our feelings, ideas and experiences. We will be encouraged to speak in full sentences throughout the day, making sure that we use the right tense (past, present or future) and sensible vocabulary. We will also be broadening our vocabulary through stories, asking and answering questions about the texts we have met and trying to use because and and to link ideas.

Personal, Social & Emotional Learning - We will make sure that we are talking to our friends whilst playing, always using kind words and kind hands and trying to develop relationships. We will be encouraged to add storylines and narratives in our play, and to share these ideas with others so that we can all take part in the same story or adventure.

Physical Development - In our weekly PE sessions, we will be developing our spatial awareness, finding space, moving towards and away from each other, and travelling and stopping with control. We will also continue to practise throwing and catching using balls and beanbags. We will always be encouraged to be independent in our self-help skills, trying to put on our own coats and shoes (please remember that laces are tricky!)

Take a look at our curriculum map for more information on our topics.