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Learning Superheroes

"The use of 'Learning Superheroes' puppets, such as 'Polly Perseverance' and 'Isaac Independence', encourages pupils to become better learners, As a result, pupils feel valued and know what is expected of them."


    To help us to become better learners, we have created four Learning Superheroes who embody key learning skills. We aim to act like these Superheroes in every lesson - and they're particularly useful to us when we get stuck, as Superheroes know that 'sticky points' are the times when we learn the most.

    Last term, our Superheroes sent us videos to help us remember their powers, which we discussed in assemblies. Children who are spotted behaving like a learning hero receive a Superhero Award, which we celebrate in both class and whole school assemblies.

    Our four heroes are:

Polly Perseveranceblank

    Learning superpowers:

  • Concentration

  • Determination

  • Resilience

  • Attention

  • Absorption

Isaac Independenceblank

    Learning superpowers:

  • Resourceful

  • Imaginative

  • Questioning

  • Bravery

  • Reasoning

Chloe Cooperationblank

    Learning superpowers:

  • Concern

  • Listening

  • Collaboration

  • Imitation

  • Openness

Ralph Reflectivenessblank

    Learning superpowers:

  • Planning

  • Reviewing

  • Evaluating

  • Revising

  • Strategic thinking



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