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"The curriculum is creatively designed and is enriched by a wide range of clubs and other activities. Pupils enjoy learning a range of subjects."


    Science is a strength at the School, and we value investigative and problem solving skills particularly highly, as these can support us in so many other areas of the curriculum. We learn 5 or 6 different topics each year, from animals and senses in Year 1 to evolution and electricity in Year 6. These topics build together to give us a thorough introduction to Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and help us to understand how we are affecting (and sometimes damaging) the environment around us.

    We place a lot of value on practical work, and try to use experiments and investigationsto support our learning wherever possible. This also helps us to understand what 'real' science is all about, and teaches us to think like scientists.

What we've been doing this termblank

  • We had such a lot of fun throughout the school during Science Week! In Year 6, it began with a day of investigations, working towards our Crest Superstar awards. Years 2-6 also got to take part in Sublime Science workshops, while Nursery, Reception and Year 1 all got to complete lots of hands-on experiments in their workshops with Mr Roberts. In addition, we ‘Spotted the Scientist’, went orienteering to find out about influential products and their inventors before the marvellous egg-drop competition that took place at the end of the week... [ read more ]

  • Foundation Stage visited Herrings Green Farm to learn about (and meet) lots of different animals, from shire horses to birds of prey. In particular, they came face-to-face with eagles, owls and hawks, held a baby owl and watched a fantastic bird show... [ read more ]
  • discox

  • In Year 1, Ladybirds learnt to name different parts of the body, compared similarities and differences between people and explored our five key senses. They then carried out experiments to see if they could identify things using just one of their senses - which turned out to be very hard... [ read more ]


  • As part of their work on the way bodies work, Year 5/6 observed and handled sheep and pig hearts. Taking lots of precautions to make sure their work was safe and clean, they identified and labelled atria, ventricles and valves, and developed a much stronger understanding of how these vital organs work... [ read more ]


Topic plans
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