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"[There is]... a culture of high expectations within this improving school so that pupils make good progress."


    Science is a major strength at the school, and we value investigative and problem solving skills particularly highly, as these can support us in so many other areas of the curriculum. We learn about 5 or 6 different topics each year, from animals and senses in Year 1 to evolution and electricity in Year 6. These topics build together to give us a thorough introduction to Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and help us to understand how we are affecting (and sometimes damaging) the environment around us.

    We place a lot of value on practical work, and try to use experiments and investigationsto support our learning wherever possible. This also helps us to understand what 'real' science is all about, and teaches us to think like scientists.

What we've been doing this termblank

  • Reception were excited to be given the chance to hatch their own butterflies! They loved watching them turn from an egg, to a chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly, and went into the woods once they had all hatched to release them... [ read more ]

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  • Year 5 have begun to explore the different forces that impact upon our planet. Our focus so far has been mainly on gravity, investigating the discoveries of one of the most famous scientists in history, Sir Isaac Newton, and learning how gravity is measured using a Newton Meter. We took part in a practical lesson where we measured the amount of gravity acting on various classroom objects, such as bags, shoes, pencil cases and even a chair... [ read more ]

  • Foundation Stage were visited by Ark Farm, who brought their travelling farmyard to Bedwell., including sheep, goats, ducks, chickens and even a donkey. This gave everyone in Reception and Nursery a fantastic chance to learn more about the animals they'd been exploring in their Farmer Duck topic... [ read more ]

  • Year 2 have been learning about life cycles, and enjoyed watching eggs hatch in their classrooms this term. They learned how to care for the chicks at each stage in the first few weeks of their lives – and we were amazed by how noisy they could be when they all started cheeping at the same time! They learned lots about the way these animals develop, and used this knowledge to create lifecycle diagrams and information posters about the journey from egg to chicken... [ read more ]


  • Members of Science Club have completed a series of investigations, working towards the British Association of Science Superstar and Megastar awards [ read more ]
  • Year 3/4 investigated ‘States of Matter’, learning about solids, liquids and gases and the way that materials can change between these different states. They carried out an evaporation experiment to see how quickly they could get 500ml of water to evaporate by placing it in different places, and then expanded their understanding to include the entire water cycle... [ read more ]
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