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"The school provides a range of experiences to motivate and enthuse pupils... they learn and achieve well across the full range of subjects."


    As well as regular singing practices and assemblies. every class has a weekly music lesson, led by either their class teacher or a specialist from the Herts Music Service. We get lots of chances to work on making-up our own rhythms, patterns and tunes, using the school's extensive collection of musical instruments. We also come together at the end of the Autumn and Summer term's to produce Key Stage productions, filled with singing and some very impressive dance moves!

    In addition, we regularly sing Christmas Carols at Astrium (a local technology company), collecting money for charity from staff while they have their Christmas dinner. Last year, Year 5 and 6 also had the chance to sing at the Albert Hall, as part of the Hertfordshire "Sing-Up" project. They performed in front of an audience of several thousand people (including some very impressed parents) and the whole expeirence proved thoroughly unforgettable!

What we've been doing this term blank

  • KS2 rounded-off the School year with their annual musical extravaganza, performing Grease. The show involved every member of Years 3-6, and played to an audience of over 400, spread across three performances... [ read more ]

  • Some of our more musically able Year 4s have been given the chance to learn how to play the clarinet this term, building on the recorder lessons they had last year. It has been great to hear how positive they are about these lessons (particularly as this can be a really tricky instrument to play) and we cannot wait to listen to their new found skills! The rest of year 3/4 have been learning the recorder in 30 minute sessions every Monday. Each group have already been taught to play their first notes, and are trying really hard to learn to read music. They have begun practicing simple tunes, ready to share with others later in the year... [ read more ]

  • Years 1&2 came together at the end of the Autumn Term to celebrate Christmas with an all-singing, all-dancing performance of Prickly Hay - a new take on the traditional nativity story, told from the point of view of the stable boys and the animals living in the manger... [ read more ]




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