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"Pupils enjoy reading, read widely and talk enthusiastically about their favourite books and characters."


    English is the base on which every other subject builds. Learning English means learning to communicate through reading, writing, speaking and listening - and doing it well requires a huge range of skills. As a result, we all have Englishlessons every day, and spend more time on English than on any other subject.

    To help speed-up our progress in reading, phonics and spelling (in particular), we use the Read Write Inc programme from Nursery to Year 2. Every day, children are taught in small groups, alongside others who are at the same phonics or spelling level as them, in addition to whole-class English teaching. They focus on specific sounds each day, and read and write texts which include only the sounds they know - so that everyone can read, write and spell with confidence, making rapid progress as a result.

    This year, we are taking part in the Primary Writing Project, which aims to improve writing through learnt-texts, shared writing and an 'imitation, innovation, invention' process that we follow in English throughout the school.

This term's top work blank

  • Year 1 explored the story of How Tortoise got his Shell. They were inspired by an enormous mountain that appeared in their courtyard, as well as being visited by Shorty the tortoise, writing character and setting descriptions as well as newspaper reports retelling Tortoise's woes... [ read more ]


  • Year 2 also used the story of How Tortoise Got His Shell to inspire them, writing their own stories which imaginatively explained how other creatures developed their distinctive features. While writing, they focused in particular on adding verbs and adverbs to explain how the animals behaved, and also spent lots of time evaluating, editing and improving our work, to make it the very best it can possibly be.... [ read more ]


  • Year 6 were introduced to the story of The Last Princess, which described how the narrator (a young girl called Claudine Lafayette) had been kidnapped, locked in the room and then, over the course of eight months, had planned and executed her escape. They learnt the story by heart, using pictures and actions to support them, and then used this text as the base for their work in English throughout the term, building up to writing their own versions - examples of which you can see here


  • Nursery explored the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea, including organising their own tea party, and then used this to inspire their own writing... [ read more ]


  • Year 5 were paid a surprise visit by Iron Man, who invited them to find out all about his life. From then on they have been totally immersed in superheroes, working hard to write biographies about their favourites. To support their work we learnt an example biography (using pictures and actions to support our work), explored structure and language features, answered comprehension questions based around the text, and then used this to inspire their own writing... [ read more ]

  • Earlier in the term, Year 6 explored instruction writing, taking on the role of secret agents, attempting to infiltrate a HYRDA base, before learning a set of instructions that they’d been sent by heart. They were then set the task of guiding other agents to the heart of HYDRA HQ. With the floor-plan of the building laid-out in the hall, they planned their route in pairs, working out how to overcome lasers, motion sensors, electrified floors, heat sensors and a lot of guards - and came up with an impressive range of ingenious solutions, including some crazy high-tech gadgets - click on the thumbnails below to view two examples of their finished work.




How you can help
Top ideas for supporting your
children at home...

There is no more valuable thing you can do at home than hear your child read regularly. All children have a book from the school reading scheme which they should take home every night, and we strongly encourage every child to read to an adult for at least 20 minutes every day.






Topic plans
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