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    "The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Excellent behaviour is a key feature of lessons and makes a significant contribution to pupils' learning. Pupils take a pride in their work."

    Our teaching follows the National Curriculum, aiming to make every lesson enjoyable, accessible and challenging - and, as a result, help every child to make as much progress as possible during their time at the School.

    We place great emphasis on English and maths, and ensure that every child studies each of these core subjects for at least an hour a day. We value fundamental skills like spelling, handwriting and times tables really highly, and work hard to support children who find these skills particularly challenging. We also value PE highly, and strive to make sure that every child does at least 2 hours of quality PE every week.

    Our curriculum is constantly evolving, matching the needs of our children, the requirements of the National Curriculum, age-related expectations, expert advice and the latest developments in education - you'll find more information on all this both in this section and on each class' page. You can also find out more about the National Curriculum here.





How you can help
Top ideas for supporting your
children at home...

On key pages in this section, you will find a box like this, with ideas on how you can help your child with each subject at home.

Any help you can give is always hugely appreciated by your child's teachers - and please remember that we particularly value every opportunity you can find to hear your child read at home.