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Ladybirds (Year 1)

Latest News x

  • The Magical Christmas Jigsaw!
    All the practice finally paid-off last week, when we got the chance to perform our Christmas production to the rest of the school and then to our families over the course of three packed performances. All of our teachers were really impressed by the way we threw ourselves into the show, with almost everyone in Year 2 having a speaking part and everybody from all three classes getting involved in all of the songs and dances. We hope you will agree that our Magical Christmas Jigsaw fitted together brilliantly! Can we also say a great big thank you to Mrs Mooney for producing all of the costumes, making it a totally magical show!

  • Mini-Olympics
    We have been extremely lucky to have so many trips this half term. A few weeks ago, we took a long walk to the cinema to watch Peter Rabbit. We had lots of laughter throughout and enjoyed a midway snack! We then headed to the Mini-Olympics, organised by the Stevenage Sporting Futures Team at the Leisure Centre. We had a great afternoon exploring the different sports activities on offer. Our behaviour was outstanding and we received so many compliments before we left to jump on a coach home.

  • Christmas Fayre
    Our Christmas Fayre was a huge success! Over 400 children, parents and family members attended, playing games, buying lots of home-made craft, visiting Santa, eating, drinking and generally having a lot of fun! As a result, we raised over £900 for the school, which School Council will be able to spend on some of the ideas that they have come up with to make our school an even nicer place to be. A huge thank you to everyone who donated food and gifts or helped to organise events.

  • Reading Week
    During our Spooktacular Book Week we were very lucky to have the opportunity to meet a famous author, Gareth P Jones, who read his books, sang songs and answered a lot of our questions. During the Week, we also had opportunities to be involved in the book swap, partner up with other children to share books and finally all dress up in our pyjamas and have a big read session on the Friday. It was great fun - you can find out more about our day out here.

What we've learnt about this term:x

  • Let's Celebrate!
    Our Autumn Term topic was Let's Celebrate!. We investigated some of the different events we celebrate and looked particularly closely at Diwali celebrations, comparing them to other celebrations (including Christmas). In science we looked at humans - naming parts of the body, comparing similarities and differences between people and learning about our five key senses. We carried out different experiments to see if we could identify things with only one sense. It was very hard!

    In computing we learnt to use Microsoft Word, finding out how we can change the size, colour and font of our text. We also learnt how to import pictures from clipart and used these skills to make an insert for our Christmas cards. In RE we looked at the world around us and said what we like about it. We listened to the words of “What a wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and thought of our own ideas about why the world is beautiful. We made a wonderful display of our ideas.

  • English
    We have been learning a nonfiction text describing How to Make a Pizza. We have been looking at the structure of a set of instructions and learning about what each section is for and how each step starts with a bossy word (an imperative verb). We have changed the instructions to make a pizza of our choice (with a lot of us selecting chocolate and marshmallows!) We have also followed a variety of recipes to make things to sell for the Christmas Fayre.

    We then invented an updated model of Santa's sleigh and then made up our own instructions for him to follow.

    How to make a pizza by Taylor Hales
    Have you ever tried a chocolate and strawberry and marshmallow pizza?

    What you will need:
    pizza base, marshmallows, chocolate, strawberries, pineapple sauce

    What to do:
    Unwrap pizza base.
    Place pizza base on tray.
    Smother with pineapple sauce.
    Chop chocolate.
    Sprinkle on chocolate.
    Chop strawberries and marshmallows.
    Place marshmallows and strawberries on pizza.
    Cook in a hot oven until the chocolate has melted.

    Make sure it has cooled slightly otherwise you might burn yourself.

    How to Improve Santa's Sleigh by Millie-Rose Cole
    How to make the best sleigh.

    What you will need:
    a cardboard box, buttons, fabric, tape, bottles

    What to do:
    Cut tape.
    Tape 2 bottles on the box.
    Put on buttons.
    Put fabric in the box.

    Do not touch the red button because you will come out of your seat.

  • Maths
    This term we have been learning to count in 2s 5s and 10s. We have been making multiple groups of objects and then finding the total, identifying the pattern when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and using this knowledge to count money in a purse.







Latest newsletter - download here

Spring Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Amber Poulter & James Percival

Our Spring Term Topic:
A Land Far, Far Away

Next half-term, we will be looking at a selection of fairytales in our English sessions. We will be focussing in particular on Little Red Riding Hood, and comparing the characters found in this tale with those found in other fairy stories that we know. Building on this, we will work on character introductions, describing how people and creatures look, feel and behave.

This will all lead to us writing our own stories, thinking about different endings for stories we know and making up our own fairytales using the same story structure. We will also continue to develop our understanding of sentence structure and practice our weekly key word spellings, which we will then use in our sentences.

Our maths targets for the next half term will focus on learning to add and subtract the numbers to 20 in a variety of ways. By using different methods, equipment and strategies, we will become more fluent in our number knowledge, and will then be able to use this to help us to reason about numbers and solve problems. We will also be comparing length, height and mass, and learning to order the days of the week and months of the year. In addition, we will explore the value of coins so that we can make 20p in lots of different ways. The number facts we will be focussing on are: 4 + 2 = 6, 5 + 2 = 7, 6 + 2 = 8 and 7 + 2 = 9.

We will be investigating the different properties of a range of materials and finding out which one is the best choice to make different objects. The questions that we will be asking and investigating will include: What materials are there? What do we mean by waterproof? How can I test each material to find the best one?

In RE we are looking at belonging and what it is like to belong to different groups. We will be comparing this to the different groups our fairytale characters belong to and how they celebrate special occasions - for instance, the Gingerbread Man’s birthday and Cinderella’s Wedding.

In history, we will be looking at the first flight, made by the Wright Brothers in 1903, and looking at how planes have changed since then, looking at shape, design and the different purposes planes have been used for. Using all of this knowledge, we will then be thinking about different ways our fairytale characters could travel around their magical settings!

The Arts
In Art, we will be looking at self portraits and looking carefully at the work of different artists. We will learn to paint our own portrait and will create portraits for different fairytale characters, too. We will also be designing clothing for our characters and learning to weave different materials.


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