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"Not only do teachers expand pupils' knowledge and understanding of what is covered in the lesson and beyond, but they also add to pupils' interest and enthusiasm."


    Humanities is the name given to History, Geography and RE, and forms a major part of our topic work each term. Each class focusses on three different topics over the year, covering History themes ranging from the Eqyptians to The Battle of Britain and aspects of Geography covering everything from the local area to Brazillian rainforests. We also learn about key world religions and important festivals throughout the year, following the Hertfordshire RE curriculum (available here).

    To help us implement the National Curriculum, we've written a new topic map for Years 1-6, which you can read here.

What we've been doing this term blank

  • Year 3/4 learnt about Ancient Egypt, placing this important civilisation on timelines, discovering what Ancient Egyptians ate and wore, investigating their gods and beliefs, and thought about what it would have been like to grow up during this period. They rounded all this off with a brilliant Egypt Day, which saw all three classes getting into costume and working their way around 8 stations, including carving scarab beetles, writing their names in hieroglyphics and digging for artefacts... [ read more ]


  • Year 5 and 6 learnt what it was like to live through the Second World War. They began by placing this period on a timeline, recognising how all the historical periods that they have learnt about (from the Stone Age, through Greeks, Romans and Tudors, to the present day) fit together. They then used first-hand accounts, images and texts from the time to help them to understand how the War affected everyday life, learning about evacuation, the Blitz and rationing. They also tried to put themselves in the position of families in wartime, scripting conversations between parents and children who were about to be evacuated, and writing diary entries for evacuees... [ read more ]


  • Year 5 were invited to visit St. Andrew’s and St. George’s church to build on their understanding of the Easter journey... [ read more ]


  • Year 1 went a very, very long way back in history to investigate dinosaurs, and were visited by The Dinosaur Man and his collection of models, fossils and even a dinosaur egg... [ read more ]


  • Year 2 have been learning about famous explorers from history, including Christopher Columbus and Ibn Battuta, who both travelled around the world, discovering new places and people. They discovered that the entire world has not always been "known", and that maps of the world looked very different in the past... [ read more ]



Topic plans
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