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"Not only do teachers expand pupils' knowledge and understanding of what is covered in the lesson and beyond, but they also add to pupils' interest and enthusiasm."


    Humanities is the name given to History, Geography and RE, and forms a major part of our topic work each term. Each class focusses on three different topics over the year, covering History themes ranging from the Eqyptians to The Battle of Britain and aspects of Geography covering everything from the local area to Brazillian rainforests. We also learn about key world religions and important festivals throughout the year, following the Hertfordshire RE curriculum (available here).

What we've been doing this term blank

  • Year 5 and 6 organised a fantastic Evacuee Day to launch their Battle of Britain topic. They split into groups and experienced the process that all evacuees went through, heading to the station, travelling long distances and then being assigned to a new family... All without leaving the building! Later on in the term, they also visited Hendon RAF Museum to discover more about the amazing aircraft that helped the Allies to win this key turning point in World War 2.... [ read more ]
  • Year 3/4 learnt about earthquakes and volcanoes as part of their Disaster topic, developing their map skills as they plotted the position of major volcanoes and beginning to learn about the way forces within our planet create these powerful events... [ read more ]


  • Year 2 were invited to visit the Church of St. Andrew and St. George to build on their understanding of the Christmas story... [ read more ]


Topic plans
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