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Hedgehogs (Year 2)

Latest News x

  • Athletics
    We were lucky to be invited to an Athletics competition at Stevenage Leisure Centre with Rising Stars where we had fun with 3 other schools. We were able to compete in different activities such as obstacle courses, long jump, javelin and relay. We had lots of fun the whole morning where our behaviour was impeccable. We then all received a certificate for our hard work.



  • Fantastic Firefighters
    We really enjoyed our visit to Stevenage fire station, which linked in with both our English and our topic work this term - including all the amazing Great Fire of London Houses that we had made at home, a few of which you can see here.. As it was Remembrance Day, we joined in with all the fire fighters outside the station for our 2 minute silence. This was very moving and touching to be part of. We were then shown around the station and got to look at the fire engines and see all their equipment. We had gone prepared with lots of questions, which we enjoyed pulling out of our pockets to the amazement of the fire officers who were showing us around. We then finished with a spray of the powerful hose which was obviously the highlight for many of us!


  • A King Is Born
    All the practice finally paid-off at the end of the Autumn Term, when we got the chance to perform our Christmas production to the rest of the school and then to our families over the course of three packed performances. All of our teachers were really impressed by the way we threw ourselves into the show, with almost everyone in Year 2 having a speaking part and everybody from all three classes getting involved in all of the songs and dances. We hope you will agree that our version of A King Is Born retold the Christmas story brilliantly!

  • Reading Week 2019
    During our Spooktacular Book Week we were very lucky to have the opportunity to meet Andrew Weale, an author and poet, who read his books, helped us to develop our own stories, and answered a lot of our questions. During the week, we also had opportunities to be involved in the book swap, partner up with other children to share books, take part in some tricky competitions and finally all dress up in our pyjamas and have a Big Read session on the Friday. It was great fun!

  • Fire! Fire!
    Our first topic of the year saw us learning about The Great Fire of London. We enjoyed finding out how the fire started and why it burned for so long. We explored the ways in which London has changed since 1666 and compared this with pictures of London today.


What we've learnt about this term:x

  • Computing
    We have been developing our art skills in computing this term as well as successfully learning how to login independently, save our work and print it. We have enjoyed exploring different artists and using some of their artistic techniques on the computer. So far we have produced work on Monet, Piccasso, Mondrian and Seurat. We have become more confident navigating their way around the tool bars and can explain the different skills we have been learning.


  • English
    Over the past half term we have thoroughly enjoyed learning the story of the Magic Porridge Pot. We couldn’t believe it back in January when we came into class and found a miniature town had been flooded on the carpet in wet, sticky porridge... It was quite a sight!


    We spent some time learning and rehearsing the story and particularly enjoyed hot-seating characters from the town, in particular Jim the fish and chip shop owner was not pleased at all. We created puppets of the characters from the story and had fun putting on a puppet show as we learnt to retell the story in our own words. We then had a go at bringing our own ideas to the story by changing the food produced by the magic pot. Our ideas were very different and included ice-cream, jelly beans, smarties, jelly, popcorn and soup!

    Danny’s Disaster - by James
    Once upon a time there was a clever boy named Danny. Every week Danny walks to school with his friend. He goes to Bedwell School in year 1 with a great teacher. One day when Danny did not see a big hole “Help!” shouted Danny. “I am falling! Smash!” Luckily a grown up called the fire brigade. The fire brigade got all the equipment and came rushing down the grassy lane, got there ladder out and rescued Danny from the hole. In the end Miss Shaw came down the lane and called the big hole a big swimming pool.

  • History
    Following on from our English unit we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. We think you’ll agree that we have picked up a huge amount of information and really enjoyed retelling what happened and how it started. The houses we made for homework were fantastic and have taken pride of place in our library area and classrooms.


  • Art
    This half term we have really enjoyed lots of seasonal crafts, making Christmas cards, calendars and decorations and we hope you enjoy these too when they come home. At the beginning of this half term we started painting a sunset city scape silhouette featuring London’s skyline. We created a colour wash sunset background, and after lots of practise, then added an outline for landmark buildings in London. Finishing the buildings off with black paint made a fantastic contrast and we were very pleased with the outcomes.







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Spring Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Maya & Mason

Our Spring Term Topic:
Exotic Ecuador

Our next English unit will see us focussing on settings and character descriptions. Our model text is called Shipwrecked, and will help us to focus on how we can use our senses and imagination to describe people and places in interesting and engaging ways. We will be developing the way we structure our sentences, using conjunctions like because and so to tie ideas together.

We will also be exploring what it would feel like to be shipwrecked in a strange and hostile place, describing our thoughts and feelings and considering how these might change over time. Finally, throughout the term we will continue to work on our phonics and spelling.

Our targets will focus on learning, understanding and using written methods for addition and subtraction. Over the course of the term, we will be looking at a variety of methods including partitioning, jumping on a number line and formal column addition. We will also be using and applying our maths skills, using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve problems in real life contexts involving money and measures. We will also begin to explore fractions, as well as continuing to work towards our Tables Star Awards, practicing our 2, 5 and 10 times tables every day, with some of us moving beyond to work on our Superstar Award and the 3, 4 and 6 times tables.

We will be continuing to explore living things and their habitats. We will identify differences between things that are living, dead or have never been alive, and learn about the key features that all living things share. We will explore the places where particular animals live, and think about the ways in which these are linked to their characteristics.

We will be learning about the exotic South American country, Ecuador. We will locate Ecuador on a variety of maps, recognising continents and oceans, and will also identify the Ecuadorian flag. We will then compare the climate and physical features of Ecuador with those found n the UK. This will lead us to explore what it would be like to live in Ecuador, looking at traditional and modern clothing, food and houses. This learning will link closely to our work in science, as we look at different animal habitats in Ecuador and find out more about the plants and animals that can be found there. To finish our topic, we will prepare for an exciting Ecuadorian day, filled with cooking, dancing and dressing-up in traditional costume.

The Arts
Inspired by our work on animals in science and geography, we will continue to design and construct our own animal masks. We have already made the shells for our masks (and covered the classroom in paper maché too), and the next step will be to add colour and detail, following our plans carefully to create our finished pieces.

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