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Foxes (Year 5)

Latest News x

  • Mini-Police Graduation
    Unfortunately our mini police programme is now finished. However it finished with a bang and we got to visit the police station. This was such a fantastic afternoon and we all loved being real police officers for the day. We got to go in a police car and were driven around in a police van, pretending to be attending an immediate situation - which meant that we all had to jump out of the van ready for action in full riot gear! Some of us were even arrested and put in the cell at the back of the van.

    We then toured the station, visiting the different police officers in the building and speaking to them about their jobs, meeting detectives, undercover police officers, traffic police and armed police. It was a great day and we celebrated when we returned to the school by graduating and receiving our certificates from a Chief Inspector. We are really grateful to Hertfordshire Constabulary, all the staff at Stevenage Police Station and especially PC Dixon for giving us this fantastic opportunity, and it will certainly change the way we view the police in future.

  • Christmas Fayre
    Our Christmas Fayre was a huge success! Over 400 children, parents and family members attended, playing games, buying lots of home-made craft, visiting Santa, eating, drinking and generally having a lot of fun! As a result, we raised over £900 for the school, which School Council will be able to spend on some of the ideas that they have come up with to make our school an even nicer place to be. A huge thank you to everyone who donated food and gifts or helped to organise events.

  • Reading Week
    We started the term with a Spooktacular Reading Week - a fantastic week full of games, treasure hunts and reading. We got to meet two authors who were very different, but equally as interesting. Gareth P Jones sang songs about his books and read funny poems he had made up. We all very much enjoyed the lyrics to “Death vs ice cream” and loved singing along! The second author, Megan Rix, brought in her inspiration - which happened to be her adorable golden retriever, who everyone enjoyed making a fuss over.

    We also visited the library, where most of us got out books and treasure hunts throughout the school which led to us being able to win prizes. We rounded off the week with our Book Swap and Big Read, where we settled down for a nice long read in our pyjamas.

  • RAF Hendon
    To support our learning in History, we visited the RAF Museum in Hendon earlier in the term. We enjoyed seeing the different planes - especially when we were able sit in one of them and play with the controls! We looked at the different uniforms and even dressed up in some ourselves. We had our own RAF pilot work shop where we had to code a reaction game to see if we could cut it as a pilot, after which we were given a compass which we used to go on a treasure hunt around the hangers. It was a fantastic day!

What we've learnt about this term:x

  • English
    Over the last half-term, we have been learning about Biographies in our English lessons. Linking in with our topic, we used a biography of Winston Churchill as our model text, and also looked at recounts of the lives of figures such as Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlain to help us to develop a solid understanding of this non-fiction genre.

    Once we had a thorough grasp of the features of this type of writing, it was time to pull it all together and create something original of our own. As a class, we researched other leaders from this period and eventually chose to write the biography of Joseph Stalin. After that, we fast-forwarded forty years into the future in order to write our own biographies, looking back on our lives (where we had, of course, all become famous) from 2058. We came up some great ideas for the different directions that our lives could take, and came up with many reasons why we might become famous, from dancers, footballers and singers to explorers and scientists. Here is one example:

    The astonishing life of Jamie Conboy - by Jamie Conboy

    Jamie Conboy was the genius behind the time machine. The man who went back in time to save the Dinosaurs from the asteroid.

    Jamie Conboy was born in 2009. He lived in Stevenage with his mum and dad. He was discovered in 2020, after he had entered a machine making competition. People did not believe his time machine would work but he proved them all wrong. He won an award for his creative machines in 2021. A year later in 2022 he started doing charity work for sick animals before becoming a zoo keeper. He started investigating and managed to build a flying car and a hover bike. He then made a time machine and in 2025 went to the government and asked permission to go back in time to stop the asteroid from destroying the dinosaurs. At first the government said no but after support from the world Jamie was given permission. In 2027 Jamie went back in time and saved to Dinosaurs.

    Jamie was always an animal lover and that is why he chose to save the dinosaurs, giving him a place in history.








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Our School Councillors:
Sophie Matson & Reagan Mitchell

Our Spring Term Topic:

We’ll be returning to fiction writing next half-term, being introduced to a story called The Last Princess, set in a tiny room looking out over the Paris rooftops. We will begin by learning key sections of the text, so that we can use the structure and language in our own writing. We will then move on to reading it “as a reader”, answering comprehension questions, using drama to understand character feelings and exploring the use of flashbacks in the text. We will then draw all this together in order to innovate on the original and create our own version of the story. In addition to this, we will be focussing on inference in our Guided Reading sessions, improving the way we ‘read between the lines’ to work out what the author is really trying to say.

Our maths targets for next half-term will focus on properties of number - recognising, recalling and using prime numbers, squares and cubes, multiples, factors and square roots. Key to this knowledge is quick recall of tables facts, so we will continue to practice our times tables every day, and be tested on them individually every week. We will also be looking at the properties of 2d and 3d shapes, grouping these in a variety of ways and learning to change their position through reflection and translation. Additionally, we will continue to extend our understanding of fractions and percentages, focussing on solving problems involving these concepts.

We will be learning about our Solar System, describing the way that the Earth, Moon and other planets all move in relation to both each other and the Sun. We will identify the way in which the Earth’s rotation creates day and night and why seasons exist, as well as discovering why the Sun appears to change position in the sky through the day.

Next half-term we will focus on geography, looking at capital cities around the world - particularly Paris, London, Mexico City and Washington DC. We’ll be learning about what it’s like to live and grow-up in each of these cities, the types of homes people live in and the jobs they do there. We’ll be trying to work out why each city became (or was chosen as) the capital, and looking at similarities and differences between these 4 places. We’ll finish-off by planning new capital cities of our own.

In RE, we will be learning about the lives of key religious people, and about the significance of these stories today. Furthermore, we will explore religious festivals related to key figures, and discover how these are observed within families and religious communities.

The Arts:
In DT, we will be creating our own solar systems, linking in with our work in science. We will explore different ways to join and link materials, enabling our models to rotate and orbit, just like the planets they represent. In Art, we will be learning to draw with chalk, in order to create realistic images of the planets.


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