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Falcons (Year 5/6)

Latest News x

  • Young Voices
    Year 6 leapt at the chance to take part in the Young Voices project this year. Throughout December and January, they learnt a collection of (pretty tricky) songs, ready to take part in a massive performance at the O2.
  • Arriving in North Greenwich, the group (led by Mr Amoss) headed into the huge arena. Our choir took their place alongside over 6000 other children and spent the afternoon rehearsing their songs, as well as the accompanying dance moves. Check here to find out how it went from there.

  • Indoor Athletics
    We thoroughly enjoyed practicing for this year’s Stevenage Indoor Athletics Festival in our PE lessons this term, working hard to improve our throwing, jumping, running and bouncing. With everyone joining in, it was great to discover some of our hidden talents (some of us are a lot bouncier than we might look) and we’ve also been able to track our improvements from week to week, again giving some of the slightly less sporty members of class a chance to shine. All this training paid off in style when we finally reached the Festival itself, held at Barnwell School. With 15 schools (and almost 300 children) from across town taking part, the competition was fierce - but our fast turns, fantastic performances in the field and utter determination meant that we scored consistently well across every event. As a result, both our Boys and Girls teams finished in third place in heats.

  • Visiting the British Museum
    To support our learning about the Ancient Greeks, we visited the British Museum a few weeks ago, We spent a busy day looking at and learning about historical figures and times that have shaped the world of today. We took notes, asked questions and discussed the nature of different artefacts and their origins - all the skills that good historians need to use when confronted by evidence from the past. As well as learning about life in Ancient Greece, we snapped up the opportunity to learn about the Egyptians, Roman Empire, Ancient Asia and elements of African traditions, too.

  • Football
    After a break over the worst of the winter, our Year 5/6 Football Team were finally back in action in the penultimate week of the half-term, taking on Martins Wood. With two players unavailable, it was a first outing for Raegan in goal - and our unfamiliar line-up led to a wobbly start and two goals conceded in the first five minutes. However, once again the team showed fantastic resilience and determination, fighting back and levelling the score at 2-2 by half-time thanks to two goals from Billy. In the second half, it was much tighter, with chances at both ends cut-off by strong defence and goalkeeping. It looked like the match was going to end in a deserved draw until, with about three minutes left, Martins Wood broke through and scored the winner. We threw everyone forward, but we couldn’t get another goal, and the match ended with a 3-2 loss. It was a tough result, but we learnt a lot from the game, and will come back even stronger in our next match.

  • Reading Week
    During our Spooktacular Book Week we were very lucky to have the opportunity to meet a real-life author, Alice Hemmings. She spoke to us about her writing process and the way she became an author, before helping us to write our own story openings. During the week, we also had the opportunity to visit Stevenage Library, where we met one of the librarians, who read one of her favourite stories to us and explained how easy the library is to use. Throughout the week, we were also involved in the Book Swap, partnered up with other children to share books and took part in some tricky competitions.

    We rounded-off the week with a pyjama day on the Friday, which saw us getting together in the Hall to give out some well-earned prizes, before snuggling down in class with a good book for our Big Read session. It was great fun, and we loved getting to spend so much time reading!

What we've learnt about this term:x

  • Computing
    In Year 6, our Computing lessons have focussed on coding this term. We have been introduced to the Python programming language - which has been a big learning curve for all of us, as it is entirely text based and a big step up from the Scratch work we have done before. We have learnt to use loops and logical commands (like if and else) to create simple role-play games. Once we had got to grips with basic commands and programming structure, we planned out our games using flow charts. Working independently or in pairs, we then began to turn these plans into code. This was really challenging (and involved a lot of time spent debugging our programs), but each time we fixed an error we learnt a little more about how Python interprets punctuation and the way commands are spaced out. All of this also made us really proud when we eventually produced a playable game of our own design. You can try it out at home, too - head to to get started.

  • Art
    This term we have spent time in our English and Guided Reading lessons exploring the story Wonder, by R.J Palacio. This brilliant, inspirational book has allowed us to see the world through the eyes of August Pullman - a boy battling to be seen as more than his facial differences. At the start of the unit, we spent time creating art work using the front cover of the book for inspiration. To achieve this, we also spent time reflecting on the words that stand out to us. Below, you can see some fantastic examples of our finished pieces.

  • English
    This half term we have worked on all thing persuasive. The term began with a spy-themed assault course, followed by a secret message from MI6. Our model text was a letter of application to join the secret service in order to capture the infamous Dr Black. After weeks of learning about the features and structure of persuasive writing, we wrote our own application letters. Needless to say a handful of us wanted to apply to work in Dr. Black’s evil organisation instead, which we did with great relish and enthusiasm.

    The final stage of the unit was to write a different persuasive letter. This time we were tasked with writing to a celebrity to come and teach in our school. Some of us wrote to celebrity chefs, some of us wrote to famous artists, someone even wrote to Donald Trump! Below you will find Lilia’s letter to Zac Efron, begging him to come and teach drama...

    Dear Zac Efron,

    It is with great pleasure and pride that I formally invite you to take up the position of Drama teacher within our talented and well behaved school. We are looking forward to our end of school production and hope you could teach us how to be brilliant singers like you. Knowing of your fantastic skills in drama you would be providing an immense service to us. Once you have listened to what we can do, you will not think twice!

    Firstly, our school is brilliant at acting but with your help we could be even better. We could develop our acting, singing and vocal skills with your help and our stamina in dance would also improve. Our school is aiming to have the best drama department in the country, therefore you would be the best person for this position.

    You might be asking yourself, What is in it for me? Well, we are a friendly group who are willing to give it our all and I promise your time with us will be extremely rewarding. In addition to this your role within our school will draw lots of attention in the media, generating lots of positive publicity. This would mean more people will watch your films, like the brilliant Greatest Showman, and you will become even richer than you already are.

    If you, Zac Efron, came to our school, you will not be disappointed. The children will become more confident, our school production will be a success and you would have made a difference to our lives. We hope you will join us here at Bedwell Primary School. We want to achieve great things.

    Yours sincerely, Lilia






Latest newsletter - download here

Spring Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Zara & Samuel

Our Spring Term Topic:
Rivers & Mountains

Our next English unit will see us focussing on discussion texts. Our learning will continue to be based around the book Wonder, as a context in which to discuss the themes of resilience, disability, social awareness and self-identify.

We will be working on looking at issues from different viewpoints, and considering what it means to present a ’balanced’ discussion, before collecting ideas and writing discussions of our own. We will take part in class debates and consider the devices that good speakers and writers use to make their arguments more convincing and persuasive. This will also involve us continuing to develop our ability to link ideas within and across a text.

We will continue to follow the Herts Essentials framework for maths. We will be continuing to develop our understanding of fractions, before moving on to explore measures. We will learn to calculate perimeter, area and volume, to compare metric and imperial units (miles, pints etc) and to estimate quantities using both systems. Drawing all of our understanding together, we will then learn to solve a wide variety of problems involving measures of mass, capacity, length, area and time. As always, we will also continue to practice our arithmetic skills every day. Year 6 will also continue with their Monday Booster sessions, as they prepare for their SATs tests in May.

We will be learning about the Earth Sun and Moon. We will discover how they each move relative to one another, and begin to understand the forces responsible for this. We will learn how the Earth’s orbit creates years and seasons, and how its rotation creates day and night. We will also be building our own 3d models to represent all of this and support our learning.

Our geography focus will shift to mountains next half-term. We will learn to locate the world’s major mountains and mountain ranges on a variety of maps and globes, and look for patterns in the areas where they are found. This will then lead-on to exploring the different ways in which mountains can be formed by movements and ‘hot spots’ within the Earth. To round-off our topic, we will be examining the crucial relationship between rivers and mountains, and the effect that they have on human life around them.

In RE, our next topic will see us investigating the life of Jesus and the Easter story, and thinking about why the story of his life is still relevant today.

The Arts:
This term we are focusing on the work on the renowned and secretive street artist, Banksy. The unit will give us a chance to look at different printing and stencil techniques as well as the political themes behind the art. The children will plan and design their own pieces with a theme close to their hearts.


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