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Badgers (Year 3/4)

Latest News x

  • Reading Week
    We had an extremely busy Spooktacular Reading Week back in early November, with a packed itinerary of activities giving us some fantastic opportunities to flex our reading muscles. The week began with a Frankenstein treasure hunt where we had to work out clues and find missing pieces to create Frankenstein’s Monster. Each class successfully completed the challenge and we had tremendous fun. Next we were lucky enough to meet the whirlwind that is Steve Cole, author of the Astrosaurs series of books. He entertained us with his crazy ideas, non-stop energy and funny jokes.
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    Next up, each class visited Stevenage Library where we were given library cards and shown how to use this valuable, free, local resource. We came back to school clutching armfuls of books to read and share at home. On the Wednesday, local author James Mayhew (author of the Katie books), came to visit, treating us to a wonderful morning where he told us a story whilst painting a picture illustrating the different characters of his adventure. The following day Dan Freedman came to answer questions about his life as a football journalist and author. He told us how he got into writing and how he has travelled the world interviewing and meeting the world’s best footballers.



    To round off the week we all came to school in our pyjamas and we snuggled down in sleeping bags and blankets and read our favourite stories. It was a real sight to see - and over the page you can see loads of pictures of everything we got up to over the course of the week.

  • Football
    The Year 3/4 team’s second game of the season was another terrifically exciting, end-to-end game, packed with chances. In goal, Samuel impressed, showing himself to be a very safe pair hands, dealing with Giles' long shots calmly and efficiently. Raegan and George Copeland were an inspiring defence, killing-off nearly every attack, while Billy, Harvey and TJ provided boundless energy, discipline (and a lot of running) in midfield. Up front, Aleks refused to let anything get between him and the goal - even after taking a ball to the face in the warm-up that left him with a bloody nose. George Clark, however, was our man of the match, with his amazing work-rate and fantastic ball skills thoroughly impressing Mr Lester and Mr Moses. In the end, a strong Giles side won 1-0, but it was another highly impressive outing from the boys which bodes well for the rest of the year.

What we've learnt about this term:x

  • English
    We have worked really hard to improve our fiction writing over the course of the term, writing Warning Stories insipired by our model text, The Balaclava Boys - and below you can see one of our favourite examples:

    Andrew Ajazi's story:
    It was that time of the year again.

    “Summer is approaching and I don’t want you playing near the railway line. It’s dangerous and could kill you!” declared Mum. “Are you listening?” she snapped. I ignored her and kept on feeding my breakfast to my dog. My Mum didn’t half go on sometimes.

    Later that afternoon, whilst walking to the cinema with my friends, we found a shortcut. It was a small hole that led to the train line.

    “Shall we go the quick way?” enquired Missy.

    “But it’s dangerous!” I said.

    “Come on don’t be a sacredy cat,” added James.

    I thought we should try so we went through the hole but just as my foot touched the track I heard a tremendous wailing horn. We all dived for cover. Inches from death we all managed to survive, we’d had a lucky escape.

    We walked home sobbing. We were still shaking and crying as we walked through the door. We told our Mums what happened. They were furious!






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Summer Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Andrew Ajazi & Dixcie Ruddock

Our Summer Term Topic:
Roman Britain

This half-term we will be taking an in-depth look at myths and legends. We will be reading many different Roman and Greek tales, identifying common features, exploring recurring characters (heroes, princesses, monsters, Gods etc) and thinking about the reasons why these stories have been remembered and re-told for so long. We will also be reading several versions of the same story and considering the reasons for differences between them. To help us get ready for our theatre trip, we will also be carrying out a book study on one of our favourite books, Matilda by Roald Dahl.

We will be focussing on data handling over the next few weeks. We will begin by collecting information to help us answer questions or back-up our ideas, then learn to display and share our findings tables, charts and graphs, before finally drawing conclusions and answering questions based on our data. After that, we will then be developing our knowledge of coordinates and directional language. We will continue to practice our tables every morning, working towards our next award. This term, Mrs Thomas’ group will be learning the 4x and 5x table, Miss Smith’s class will revise their 8x table and Mr Humber’s maths set will focus on the 12x table.

We will be exploring the life of plants, including identifying and describing the functions of different parts of flowering plants and investigating the requirements of plants for life and growth. We will be planting and caring for our own plants that we hope will flourish in our home made biomes.

We will be exploring what happened when the Romans invaded Britain and the way in which it changed life in our country. We will be looking at the reasons why the Romans were so powerful and some of the leaders who helped to grow their Empire. We will be making our own timelines and identifying what still remains of Roman Britain. Throughout the topic, we will be looking at a range of artefacts, ruins and historical sources to help us to think like an historian.

We will be learning about the rules that different religions follow and investigating the effect that these can have on everyday lives.

The Arts:
Linked to our Roman topic we will be exploring Roman mosaics. We will be looking carefully at examples of these artworks and thinking about the way they were made, the types of pictures they show and the way they were designed. We will then use all this knowledge to design and create our own Roman mosaics.


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