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Class 5 (Year 6)

Latest News x

  • Our last week...
    Our last two week were packed with activities as the end of our primary school careers drew ever nearer. In the final week of term, we finished everything off with a lovely day out, bowling and going to Frankie & Benny’s on Wednesday, then getting very emotional (and sweaty) at the Luau Disco on Thursday night, before ending the year with our Leavers Assembly on Friday...

  • Grease
    After weeks of practice, singing, dancing, prop-building and hard work, we finally got to perform our show to a real live audience (three real audiences, in fact). We’re biased, but we thought it went brilliantly, with everyone raising their game once it really mattered and making the most of this amazing opportunity - and lots of us have now caught the performing bug and can’t wait to get up on stage again!

  • Dragonboating
    Just before half-term, twenty-two of us headed down to Fairlands Lakes for this year’s Stevenage Dragonboat Festival. Each of our two teams took part in one of the heats during the morning, with Georgie and Taskia perched on tiny seats at the front of their boats, drumming and trying to keep their crews rowing in time. Georgie’s team were particularly good at this, with their oars hitting the water as one and therefore making their boat faster - and as a result, they made it through to the semi-finals in the afternoon, were they were narrowly knocked-out. As well as our races, we got to take part in a range of other activities during the day, including rowing, kayaking and climbing. The weather was gorgeous, everyone threw themselves wholeheartedly into every activity (particularly the rowing, which turned out to be much harder than it looks), and we had a fantastic day out.

  • Hockey Festival
    In the penultimate week of term we put the sunny weather to good use with our Year 5/6 Hockey Tournament. We headed out onto the playground, where we were split into teams of 4 and ran through the rules before getting stuck into the action. For the vast majority of us, this was the first time we had ever played competitive hockey, so the tactics and pace of the game took a bit of getting used to - but by the time we reached our second and third group games, we were into the swing of things, and the performance levels (and scoring) started to shoot up. After break, the top two teams in each group went through to an elaborate knockout system. As there are no goalies at our age group, there are no penalty shoot-outs - which meant that some of the games had a lot of extra time. However, eventually the team of Harvey, Hannah, Nathan and Jimmy won through to become our first champions!

  • Sports Week
    ...was actually more like Sports Month as a result of some rather unpredictable weather. We made the most of it all, though, with Rugby sessions with coaches from Stevenage Rugby, High-5 Netball and 3-a-side Football Tournaments, our Sports Day, golf, cricket and athletics. Our leadership skills were called on, too, with many of us supporting workshops for younger children, other Sports Days and Sporting Futures On Tour sessions.

    This all rounded-off another really busy term for our sports teams, with the climax to the season for our Football and Netball teams, along with the Stevenage Hockey and Cricket Tournaments. Click here to find out more about our Football results - including an impressive run in the Stevenage Cup for our boys - here to find out how our Cricket teams got on, or here to read the latest on our Netball squad.


  • Chessington 2017
    We had a brilliant day out at Chessington earlier in the term, and made the most of the tiny (and in some cases non-existent) queues, cramming in as many rides as possible - check here to find out more about our trip.

  • PGL 2017
    On Friday 24th March, 32 of us piled into a coach and headed to the South Downs for this year’s PGL residential trip. Over the course of the weekend, we got to try our hands at a huge range of activities that we’d never even thought about trying before, from zip wire to raft-building, aeroball and giant swing. Launching ourselves into puddles for a very muddy 'Challenge Course' was a definite highlight, as were our evenings round the camp fire and playing hide-and-seek in the forests - and we loved the house we were staying in, too.

  • Indoor Athletics Festival
    We all thoroughly enjoyed being involved in training for this year's Stevenage Indoor Athletics Festival - and as a result team selection was really tricky, with many of us excelling at different events. All that training certainly paid-off when we reached the competition itself, with our Girls and Boys teams both securing bronze medals - click here to find out more about the event.


  • Secret Agents!
    To support our work on instructions, we took on the role of secret agents, battling to break into the lair of an evil mastermind and retrieve vital information. We started by working in groups, blindfolding one of our team and then giving them instructions to make their way through a maze of lasers, moving walls, suction pits and gun turrets, some of which you can see in the pictures below. We quickly discovered that this was a lot harder than it might seem - and that shouting at someone wearing a blindfold really doesn’t help!


What we've learnt about this term:x

  • Geography - Capitals
    Our topic for the term has seen us exploring Capital Cities. We began the half-term by thinking about what makes somewhere a capital, what we’d expect to find there and why cities like London, Paris, Washington and Mexico City are situated in their particular locations. We located these (and many other) capitals on a range of maps and globes, and then explored the way they have changed over time. We produced some excellent posters, too, packed with information about capital cities. Building on all this, we then imagined what it would be like to live in one of these cities, and wrote diary entries in the character of a child living in Mexico City - you can read Shelly's example below:

    Dear Diary,

    It’s been an exhausting day. I had to drag myself out of bed at 6.25am, ready to start school at 8am... I am hating the early morning shifts this term, and can’t wait to go back on to afternoon school next month! Walking to school takes an hour and 20 minutes, and with all the rush hour traffic, it’s a horrible way to start the day.

    Anyway, 5 hours quickly passed at school, and before I knew it, it was lunch time. We walked to the local park to have a picnic, and while eating we saw ponies being ridden and hundreds of children playing football all around us. It felt like everything was right with the world.

    After lunch, we started walking towards the museum. Passing dozens of street children, all begging for change as usual, it felt horrid not to be able to help them properly. All we could do was give them the left-overs from our lunch and a drink, and try chatting to some of the kids who looked our age... And after all that, by the time we reached the museum it was closed! We set-off on the long walk home, and got back just in time for tea...
    Shelly Gregory

  • English - The Last Princess
    Our focus in the first half of the term was story writing. We were introduced to a mysterious room, overlooking the streets of Paris, with bars on the windows and a rope made out of sheets that had been tied together which disappeared out of the window - and we began by trying to work out what could have happened here, as you can see below…


    The following day, our questions began to be answered when we were introduced to the story of The Last Princess, which described how the narrator (a young girl called Claudine Lafayette) had been kidnapped, locked in the room and then, over the course of eight months, had planned and executed her escape. We learnt the story by heart, using pictures and actions to support us, and then used this text as the base for our work in English throughout the term, building up to writing our own versions - examples of which you can see here.

  • English - Instructions
    We've also explored instruction writing. We began by giving oral instructions, taking on the role of secret agents, attempting to infiltrate a HYRDA base, before learning a set of instructions that we’d been sent by heart. We were then set the task of guiding other agents to the heart of HYDRA HQ. With the floor-plan of the building laid-out in the hall, we planned our route in pairs, working out how to overcome lasers, motion sensors, electrified floors, heat sensors and a lot of guards - and came up with an impressive range of ingenious solutions, including some crazy high-tech gadgets. Over the course of the next week, with support from a model text and lots of shared writing, we all produced high-quality instructions, which we presented using ICT - click on the thumbnails below to view two examples of our finished work.


  • Maths
    Our maths targets have focussed on place value, identifying, explaining and comparing the value of each digit in increasingly complex numbers (using whole numbers to ten million and decimals with up to 3 places). To support our understanding and help us to visualise problems (and amounts) in a variety of ways, we spent a lot of time making numbers using a range of resources, including bead strings, counters, base-ten equipment, number cards and grids. Representing decimals with these resources required all our ingenuity and helped us to ensure that over 70% of us achieved our “Should” target, the point we should be working at by the end of Year 6..


    Over the course of this term, we have all also begun to get ready for our SATs tests through weekly Booster sessions. We split into small groups, each working with our own adult, and work our way through questions from previous tests, to help us improve the way we approach these tasks and get used to the style of the problems. We’ll continue with these sessions all the way through until SATs week (which is now only three months away), and really appreciate any help we can get at home with completing our question packs and other homework.








Latest newsletter - download here

Summer Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Mo Musonza & Connor Conboy

Our Summer Term Topic:
Awesome Amazon!

We will begin the term by completing our persuasion unit, writing speeches to convince the Mayor of London to invest in our solutions to the city’s transport problems (everything from hover cars to tunnelling machines to multi-level, multi-sided motorways). We will then use the understanding of persuasion we have developed throughout the unit to produce Dragons Den style presentations for our own inventions.

Following on from this, our focus will shift to reading for the remaining weeks leading up to our SATs in May, as we aim to build on all the fantastic work we have done this year and secure the very best scores possible in our tests.

As we build towards our SATs tests, we will be revising every part of the maths curriculum, from fractions to shape and measures. In particular, we will return to our core operations, really ensuring that we have fluency in numbers up to a million (including whole numbers and decimal numbers with up to three decimal places), to prepare us for the arithmetic test.

We will continue to focus on a different topic each week in our Booster sessions, as well as ensuring we speed-up our recall of tables facts, which we will be tested on every week.

We will be developing our understanding of animals by looking at the role of the heart, lungs and blood in humans and other animals. We will investigate the way that water and nutrients are transported around animal bodies, before exploring what it means to be ‘healthy’ and identifying ways in which we can lead healthy lives.

We will be studying the Amazon Rainforest, locating it on a variety of maps and globes, and discussing the large variety of habitats that are found there. This will include looking at the features of the rainforest and identifying what makes this area particularly special (and endangered). We will then research different species of animals, before learning about the importance that the rainforest has for the Earth as a whole.

The Arts:
Linked to our topic work, we will sketch rainforest creatures and habitats, improving our use of shading to create a sense of depth. We will then create 3d models of the rainforest using recycled items, thinking carefully about our choice of materials, so that they reflect the colours, textures, light and energy of the Amazon.


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