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Class 5 (Year 5/6)

Latest News x

  • Reading Week
    Our Spooktacular Reading Week was a real success, giving us all the chance to take part in a series of fun and engaging activities. Early in the week, we visited the library, where we were issued with our very own library cards. We then took part in workshops with two established authors. Dan Friedman is a writer who has had his range of football related books turned into a popular children’s TV series Jamie Johnson. He told us all about the way he changed careers from a journalist working with the England squad to a successful children’s author. In addition to this, we also met the hilarious Steve Cole who kept us entertained with his energetic, all-action tales.

    During the week, we also took part in a reading treasure hunt, buddy reading with younger children and our Book Swap - all leading-up to our Big Read day on Friday, where we all came to school in our pyjamas and settled down for a long, cosy read with our favourite books (and teddy bears!)

  • Streetdance
    On the penultimate day of term, members of our Street Dance club showed-off the moves and techniques they’ve been working on over the last few months, alongside our Year 2 and Year 3/4 dance groups. Their fantastic routine wowed the rest of the school, and it was great to see the progress that the group has made from this time last year.

  • Netball
    Our Year 5/6 Netball teams have had a stellar start to the season. In their first game, the Girls side recorded an impressive win over Lodge Farm, with shooters Sara and Victoria showing impressive accuracy in the D and Millie and Emmie showing great court awareness to find space and get our shooters the ball at every opportunity. In their second game, the Girls travelled to The Leys and again put in a dominant performance, with Gracie, Joy and Demi proving incredibly hard to break down in defence and ensuring that the ball stayed in the attacking third for the majority of the game. Finally, at the start of December our mixed team (with Cristiano, Bradley and Brandon joining 4 of the girls) played their first ever game, and after a scare at the start which saw them two goals down to Moss Bury after the first couple of minutes, they found their stride and ran away with the match to win 13-2.

  • Crucial Crew
    Year 6 headed down to Bowes Lyon House on 20th September to take part in Crucial Crew training. The aim of the sessions, which are run by a local charity and visited by every school in town, are to help us to behave safely as we grow up and become more independent - and therefore we were all really focussed throughout the afternoon, recognising how important this training could be. Over the course of our session we took part in a series of workshops, learning how to stay safe around railways and animals, how to check our houses are fire-safe and how to put someone in the recovery position. The section focussed on the dangers of using your mobile while crossing the road was a real eye-opener, too - none of us were able to complete the signpost challenge while texting, which is hopefully something we’ll remember when we’re out and about.

  • Romeo & Juliet
    Earlier this term, Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to not only watch, but to take part in The School’s Shakespeare Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the performance, the actors explained, quizzed and enlightened us about how the characters were behaving and why various events happened. We all had the chance to join in at different times during the performance (especially in the party scenes) - and some of us were even given named parts, a few lines and a key role to play in telling the story. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and we definitely now know more about this famous play.

  • Rugby Festival
    Year 5 and 6 took part in the first of our inter-class tournaments of the year earlier in the term, which saw us splitting into mixed teams of four or five and playing in a set of round robin tag-rugby matches within our groups. The victors of each group then progressed into the semi-finals, with the winners meeting in a hotly-contested final. All the adults involved were really impressed by the way everyone involved threw themselves into the action, with many of us showing previously hidden talents and putting themselves in the frame for a potential place on the school team. Some of our more experienced players, meanwhile, demonstrated their leadership ability, coaching their teams and helping those around them to improve their play.

  • Table Tennis
    A busy half-term has also seen our Table Tennis team in action at the Stevenage Festival. Sports Crew (in the shape of Bradley, Cristiano and Victoria) took on responsibility for team selection and training, so it was great to see the Girls team battling their way to third place (and bronze medals) overall, while the boys were unfortunate to lose their playoff and finish in fourth place.


What we've learnt about this term:x

  • Groovy Greeks
    Over the course of the term we have worked hard to find out what it would have been like to live in Ancient Greece, how the tiny countries and city states that covered the area were governed, what happened in Greek schools, theatres and sports events, and what gods these ancient people believed in. As you’ll have seen throughout these pages, we have used this topic as a starting point for a great deal of our work in English, Art and DT - and we’ve also produced some impressive extended writing in our Humanities lessons, including this character description by Daniele:

    Ares : God Of War
    If you were ever unfortunate enough to encounter Ares, the first thing you would observe would be his xanthous golden armour, made from the finest gold, dug from a mine hidden beneath Mount Olympus itself. Every word he speaks demands violence, shouting, “Death to the enemy! Leave no prisoners!” wherever he goes. As he is the God of War, his mighty and dexterous powers are flight, immortality, strength and physicality. His confidence is as great as Donald Trump’s as he orders men across Greece to fight!

    His armour is complete by an angelic, crested helmet. Everywhere he goes, he carries a crimson spear, dripping with blood from his last, satisfying battle. Moving towards his next skirmish, he strides proudly and seriously. He is as bloodthirsty as a vampire preparing for its next meal, yet as he moves towards his next fight, he simply smirks...

  • Art
    During our Art and DT lessons, we have thought about the masks that the Ancient Greeks would have worn when performing in the amphitheatres. These were used by the male only actors who could then adopt any character through the use of different masks. We chose to base our designs on Greek gods – see if you can recognise any!


  • English - Instructions
    This half-term, we have explored our first non-fiction genre of the year - instructional writing. We began by learning a model text, which told us how to use a ‘Minotaur Blaster’ (check out the pictures of us using the ones we built ourselves below), and explored the language and structure of this text. We investigated a range of other instructional texts, too, focusing on the intended audience of each, and the way this effected the way that they had been written and presented.


    We then moved on to devise our own ways to trap or destroy mythical monsters, tying in (loosely) with our Groovy Greeks topic, which we turned into plans for our independent writing. Supported by lots of shared writing, we wrote these ’How to use…’ pieces over the course of the following week, spending lots of time editing our work, assessing each others writing and supporting other members of the class in improving their work. We then presented their final pieces using ICT - click on the thumbnails below to view two examples of our finished work:



  • English - Myths with a twist
    Earlier in the term, we completed our first fiction unit of the year, examining, exploring and then writing our own genre-shifting stories - you can find out more about them (and read some brilliant examples) here.








Latest newsletter - download here

Spring Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Kyle Watson & Daniele Mazuolyte

Our Spring Term Topic:
Save Our Planet!

Our next English unit will see us returning to story writing, this time focussing on Warning Stories - where the main characters are given a warning, ignore it and then have to face the consequences of their actions... Our model story is based around an adventure on frozen-over Fairlands Lakes, so we will begin by visiting the Park to explore the setting, collect descriptive language and act out our own version of the text, all of which will help to get us ready to write. We will also be investigating the use of reported and direct speech in stories, and the way that characters can change throughout a text. Once we’ve done all that, we’ll finish by independently writing Warning Stories of our own.

Our maths targets for the next half-term will focus on fraction calculations. We will be learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, using equivalent fractions to support our working and simplifying answers where possible. Key to this knowledge is quick recall of tables facts, so we will continue to practice our times tables every day, and be tested on them individually every week. Later in the term we will also be looking at the properties of 2d and 3d shapes, grouping these in a variety of ways and learning to change their position through reflection and translation. We will also learn to calculate the area and perimeter of a range of shapes.

We will be investigating the way that light travels, exploring what happens when it hits a mirror and how shadows are formed. We will begin to learn how our eyes and brains work together to allow us to ‘see’ things, how cameras work and how rainbows are formed. We will also put our knowledge to practical use by building periscopes.

We will be investigating the impact that humans are having on our planet and thinking about how we are changing the world - for better or worse. We will be investigating energy production, the oceans, mining and recycling, and identifying ways in which we can protect our planet against damaging change. We will also look at the way people around the world are being affected by (and reacting to) climate change.

The Arts:
In DT we will be investigating recycling, learning how to create new paper from old and comparing the properties of new and recycled materials . We will then focus on the way we could improve recycling in our school, designing and constructing recycled replacements for classroom equipment which we will test-out and evaluate.


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