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Class 3b (Year 1)

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  • KS1 Mini-Olympics
    In the last week of term, Mrs Devenish organised a fantastic Mini-Olympics, which saw the whole of Year 1 and 2 heading out onto the field for a morning packed with sports activities. Amongst the sports that we got to try out were football, athletics, tennis, hockey and ball skills, all supported by a team of really helpful Sports Leaders from Year 5. As we’re sure you can see from the pictures below, we all had a brilliant time and threw ourselves enthusiastically into every event - and lots of us are now really keen to give these sports a proper go when we meet them again next year.

  • Teddy Bear's Picnic
    To finish off our school year we have had a teddy bears picnic to celebrate Bertie and Boris' birthdays. We prepared all our food for the picnic and brought in our favourite teddies from home.

  • Sports Week
    We thoroughly enjoyed Sports Week and were lucky to have the opportunity to take part in Stevenage Sporting Futures on Tour and a trampolining session with Rising Stars - and our Sports Day was a great success, too. Everyone worked really hard and tried their best in each activity, discovering some previously hidden talents, growing in confidence and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

  • Superhero Day
    We finished our topic with a Superhero day. We really enjoyed showing off the costumes we had made to you all. A huge thank you to everyone for coming and participating with the different superhero activities with your children - it was lovely to see so many of you and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Check here for more pictures from the day.

  • Paper Making
    Earlier in the term, we were fortunate enough to have an artist in to teach us how to make our own paper. We had great fun mixing the pulp and then squeezing out the water in the frame to make the paper - and we’re sure you’ll agree it looks pretty spectacular!

  • Dinosaurs!
    We were very lucky to have a visit from the ‘Dinosaur Man’, Graham - and we all loved it! The Infant Hall was set up with a variety of dinosaurs for us to explore, Graham shared lots of his stories about dinosaurs and we learnt lots about what they ate and how they moved. We were also shown a variety of real dinosaur fossils and learnt all about their history. We were lucky enough to hold Graham's fossilised dinosaur egg too.

What we've learnt about this term:x

  • Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside...
    This terms topic has been ‘Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside!' We have looked at the physical features of the seaside and compared these to seasides in Africa and also looked how seaside holidays have changed from the past. We thought it was very funny that people wore their Sunday best clothes on the beach. We looked at the different foods eaten at the seaside and made our own ice-cream. We designed our own ice-cream sundaes, choosing our favourite flavour of ice-cream, sauce and toppings and made roundel poems about ice-cream too.

    In art we have been using a variety of different media. We have used water colour paint to make washes of the sea and added silhouettes using black paper, made seaside pictures using paper mosaics and also used clay to make imprints of a variety of shells. In ICT we have used 2 publish to write some of our stories and pictures about Pearl the mermaid and also the main characters of the new stories we have written.

  • English
    This terms English text has been 'Pearl the Mermaid'. We have learnt the story using pictures and actions and retold it to others. Our focus has been on character and setting descriptions using a range of adjectives and similes to add detail.

    We have written a character description of Pearl and wrote a letter to her saying why we thought she was so brave and kind, setting descriptions of under the sea, used role play to act out the different characters thinking of and answering questions in role. We then innovated the story to write our own versions by changing the characters and settings, before completing the unit by following the story structure and using it to invent a completely new story.

    Harry the Merman - innovate
    Once upon a time there lived a silly old merman called Harry and he loved in a rocky cave under the purple water. He noticed a shiny bottle sitting on a brown ship wreck.

    WOW! He shouted and he dived into the water to retrieve the smelly bottle. In it was to find the precious treasure. He swam to the seaweed cave. There was a giant jelly fish in front of him and he had to swim as quick as a tree falling. In and out the rocks. Round and out the orange sea weed. Round and round the giant gold fish until the jelly fish banged his head. He was very happy that his kindness and bravery had helped others.
    by Jake Lloyd

    A devil called Alice - invent
    Once upon a time there was a kind devil called Alice. She lived in a zoo. The zoo was bug and there was lots of animals. Alice liked to play with her friends and she liked playing ball.. Next while Alice was sleeping, a leaf flew up and down and woke her. Then she saw a message on a leaf asking for help to find the golden treasure. It was from lion. She had to travel all the way to Africa.
    by Matilda Kindell

  • Maths
    This term our targets have been looking at place value of larger numbers, finding out how many tens and ones are in a number and some of us even separating three digit numbers into hundred , tens and ones. We have used Cuisenaire blocks to help us represent the different numbers. We have practised using the bar method to help us find the missing number in addition and subtraction sentences.

    We have also explored 3d shapes, naming each of them and looking at the different properties they have. We have used the shapes to see if they can roll, be stacked or used to make a model. We have also looked at money, making different amounts by using a variety of coins and looking at the coins carefully and adding up the total amount in each purse and investigated the capacity of different containers using appropriate language to compare measures.







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Summer Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Amy King & Mitchell O'Reilly

Our Summer Term Topic:
Land Ahoy!

Next half-term, we will be looking at instructions. Our initial text will be How to Trap a Lion, which we will learn by heart, using symbols and actions, so that we can use the language and structure to support our writing. We will then be making-up our own set of instructions and comparing them with other non-fiction texts. We will also be making information books on different animals from Africa.

Linked to our topic, throughout the term we will be making-up pirate rhymes and adventures. During the afternoons, we will also continue with our Read Write Inc sessions, working in small groups with others at our level to improve our phonics, reading and spelling knowledge.

Our maths targets for the next half term will see us learning all the addition and subtraction facts possible using numbers up to 20, and using our understanding of inverses to build-up fact families (eg. if we know that 9+7=16, we also know that 16-7=9, 7=16-9, 16=7+9). We will also be investigating fractions, finding quarters of different amounts, shapes and objects and looking at other measures including weight and capacity. The number facts we will be focussing on are our next 4 doubling facts: 6+6=12, 7+7=14, 8+8=16, 9+9=18.

We will be looking at common animals especially those we will see on our trip to the zoo. We will learn to identify and name fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals, recognising the key features of each group. We will also be finding out what animals eat and classifying them using the terms carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

We will continue to look at the UK, and compare it to the continent of Africa, as that is where the pirates will be visiting. We will be investigating differences between the communities and landscapes we find here and elsewhere in the world. We will also be looking at a range of maps of the world and learning to identify where we would find the UK and Africa, and how the countries of the world can be split up into continents. In addition, we will compare the foods that we eat, the vegetables that grow locally and the animals that live in the wild.

The Arts
In DT we will be designing and making pirate hats and flags, looking at flags from around the world and creating new designs of our own. Later in the term, we will also be looking at different old maps and making treasure maps of our own, which we will try to follow.


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