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Class 3a (Year 1)

Latest News x

  • Christmas Baubles!
    We finished off the year with another amazing Christmas performance. This year we performed the Nativity story from the viewpoint of school children and their teachers. We had great fun learning the songs and hope you enjoyed watching it just as much as we did - you can find out more about our show here.

  • Mince Pies
    Thank you to all of you who came to our mince pie afternoon. It was lovely to see so many of you and we hope you enjoyed sharing a mince pie and a Christmas story with us!

  • Reading Week
    We thoroughly enjoyed our Spooktacular Reading Week, which took place in the first week after half-term. We were fortunate enough to be visited by some brilliant authors who come into school over the course of the week to share their stories and ideas with us. We particularly enjoyed meeting James Mayhew, who drew an amazing illustration at the same time as telling a story. As a class, we decided to build on the tale he had told us, making up a character and then writing our own stories about their adventures. During the Week, we also had a chance to read our favourite books with Year 6 and loved reading stories in our pyjamas, too!

  • Mini-Olympics
    In November we were lucky to be invited to take part in the Mini-Olympics, organised by Stevenage Sporting Futures at the Leisure Centre. We had a great time trying out lots of different activities including cheerleading, curling, basketball, rugby and speed stacking - and you can find out more about our day out here.

What we've learnt about this term:x

  • English
    Throughout the term we have taken part in daily Read Write Inc sessions, which are helping us to develop our phonics, reading and writing within ability groups. In class, we have also been looking at writing instructions, focussing on How to make a Gingerbread Man. We looked at how instructions are structured and used these features to write our own.

    We have also learnt the story of The Papaya that Spoke. We focussed on the speech within the text and how the different characters spoke. We had great fun acting out the story and playing freeze frame (check out our moments from the story above). We changed the story by innovating the characters and the different things that spoke and had a go at changing the ending. We then went on to invent our own story of fear - and you can see a few of our fantastic final pieces below.

    The Mermaid and the Lion
    Once upon a time there was a clever mermaid and she was scared of lions. Her favourite thing was swimming. and she was very helpful. Why was she scared of lions? Well, one day a hairy lion said, “I'm going to eat you!” The mermaid was scared. So one windy day the mermaid went into a shop to get a present. The present was colourful so she got the present and when she paid for it she took it home. Unfortunately the lion came out of the tree. "Aargh!" screamed the mermaid, “I will get the lion”. So luckily she got some meat on a stick and then the mermaid trapped the lion and the mermaid lived happily ever after.
    by Shaanavi Ketheepan

    Rory’s Fear of Mice
    Once upon a time there lived a boy called Rory. He lived in a jungle with his mum and dad. Rory was scared of mice. One day he asked his mum, “Can I go camping?” mum said “Yes”. Rory was with his friends and he sat around the camp fire. Suddenly he saw a mouse and he screamed for his friends. Luckily the mouse wanted to be his friend and the mouse helped Rory find his way home in the dark. The end.
    by Logan Blackham

  • Let's Celebrate!
    This terms topic has been Let's Celebrate! We have been learning about all the different festivals of light including fireworks, Eid, Diwali, Hanukah and Christmas. We have found out about all the different foods and customs that are associated with each celebration, looked at art work and listened to lots of stories. We were lucky to have Mrs Kamali come in for an afternoon to paint mendhi on our hands, and we tried delicious foods from each celebration.

    In science we have been learning about the weathers and seasons, how they are different, what is associated with each season and how the sun changes in the summer and winter months. In ICT we have been learning to use Microsoft Word, typing messages, importing pictures from clip art and typing captions using word art. We then used the work we had produced to make Christmas cards.

  • Maths
    In Maths we have been learning to double and halve numbers. We have learnt to make two groups of the same amount and then share objects between two groups, using the ‘part-part-whole’ model to help us to combine and share-out amounts equally.

    We have also looked at 2d and 3d shapes, naming them and looking at their different properties. We have learnt to order the days of the week and months of the year, and how to order activities that we carry out throughout the day.








Latest newsletter - download here

Spring Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Alfie McCaffery & Emily Gannon

Our Spring Term Topic:
A Land Far, Far Away

Next half-term, we will be looking at explanations, character descriptions and letters of persuasion. We will be using a variety of texts including Until I Met Dudley, Little Red Riding Hood and Dear Mr Wolf to inspire our writing, and will be focussing in particular on story structure and the way that characters are introduced and described. Linked to our topic, we will also be reading and learning a range of well-known fairy stories, and identifying common themes, settings and types of characters in these.

We will continue to develop our understanding of sentence structure and practice our weekly key word spellings, which we will then use in our sentences.

Our maths targets for the next half term will focus on learning to count in, remember and quickly recall multiples of 2, 5 and 10. This will involve making groups of objects and adding them together, sharing objects and learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will be looking at position and direction, which we will use to help the characters we meet in our fairytales to make it through the woods.
We will also be working on money and coin recognition to help Jack to count his coins. The number facts we will be focussing on are: 4 + 2 = 6, 5 + 2 = 7, 6 + 2 = 8 & 7 + 2 = 9

We will be investigating the different properties of a range of materials and finding out which one is the best choice to make different objects. The questions that we will be asking and investigating will include: What materials are there? What do we mean by waterproof? How can I test each material to find the best one?

In RE we are looking at belonging and what it is like to belong to different groups. We will be comparing this to the different groups our fairytale characters belong to and how they celebrate special occasions - for instance, the Gingerbread Man’s birthday and Cinderella’s wedding.

In history, we will be looking at the first flight, made by the Wright Brothers in 1903, and looking at how planes have changed since then, looking at shape, design and the different purposes planes have been used for. Using all of this knowledge, we will then be thinking about different ways our fairytale characters could travel around their magical settings!

The Arts
In Art, we will be looking at self portraits and looking carefully at the work of different artists. We will learn to paint our own portrait and will create portraits for different fairytale characters, too. We will also be designing clothing for our characters and learning to weave different materials.


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