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Class 3a (Year 1)

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  • A Land Far, Far Away
    As part of this term’s topic, we have been looking at a number of different fairytales and thinking about the different characters. In art been looking closely at the features of our face and drawing and painting our own self portraits. We have used these techniques to paint portraits of our favourite fairy tale character and weaved clothing for them - we did find weaving tricky at first, but eventually mastered the skill. This term we have been learning to use ipads in ICT. Our unit has been to make talking books so we have acted out a variety of different fairytales. We have recorded sound effects and filmed each other's performances, then discussed how we could improve these. In science we have learnt about materials, identifying what objects are made of and investigating the properties of each one. We have carried out a number of experiments to find suitable materials to make houses for the 3 little pigs, an absorbent mop for Cinderella and magnetic objects for Puss in Boots to collect for the king.

  • Dinosaurs!
    We were very lucky to have a visit from the ‘Dinosaur Man’, Graham - and we all loved it! The Infant Hall was set up with a variety of dinosaurs for us to explore, Graham shared lots of his stories about dinosaurs and we learnt lots about what they ate and how they moved. We were also shown a variety of real dinosaur fossils and learnt all about their history. We were lucky enough to hold Graham's fossilised dinosaur egg too.

  • Prickly Hay
    On Thursday 15th December we performed our Christmas production, Prickly Hay. This year our nativity was told from the view point of stable boys and their friends the shrews, and we had lots of fun learning the different songs, getting into costume and performing in front of you all. We hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as we did - it was certainly the perfect way for us to start our Christmas festivities. A special thank you to those of you that provided costumes and a big thank you to Mrs Mooney for once again designing and making our brilliant outfits.

  • Stevenage Mini-Olympics
    We were invited to take part in this year’s Stevenage Mini-Olympics earlier this term. On Thursday 13th October we got a coach to the Leisure Centre and took part in an afternoon of sporting activities alongside two other schools. This was great fun as we tried a variety of different sports, some of which we were familiar with and some of which were completely new to us, including cheerleading, races, cricket, speed stack cups, gymnastics, basketball and football. Hopefully you can see how much we enjoyed it from the pictures below!

What we've learnt about this term:x

  • English
    We have now moved our daily Read Write Inc sessions into the afternoon in which we continue to help us with our phonics and reading within ability groups. We are learning new sounds all the time and practicing to read our green words at speed, which compliments the reading which we do at home and in school and will prepare us for the Year 1 Phonics Test later in the year.
    In the morning, we now have whole-class English lessons, giving us many more opportunities to improve our writing, grammar and spelling through focusing on a particular story each half-term.

    In the first half of the Spring term, our text was The Magic Porridge Pot. We have learnt this story by heart and had great fun exploring it - and the porridge, too! We made porridge monster poems, cooked flapjacks using the porridge oats and made instructions for others to follow. We have taken on the part of characters within the story through role play and hot seating, coming up with our own questions to ask, and wrote letters to friends telling them about the porridge flood.

    The Porridge Monster, by Maizie Cole
    The porridge monster looks as scary as a tree,
    The porridge monster has slimy arms.
    The porridge monster moves stamping with his gloopy feet.
    The porridge monster is rude and dirty
    Letter from Poppy, by Ronnie Bates
    Dear Kean,
    How are you? First I met a lady I carried her bags. Next she gave a magic porridge pot. Then I took it home. After I made some porridge. After that there was a porridge flood. Finally we had porridge for a month.
    Love from Poppy

    At the end of the unit we used the structure of The Magic Porridge Pot to invent our own stories, using story maps in preparation for writing our texts. Our ideas were very creative and everyone that we have shared our stories with has been very impressed with by the imagination, care and variety of our writing - and we hope that you’ll agree after reading this example:

    The magic Ice cream freezer, by Tyler Lincoln
    Once upon a time there was a big boy called Kye who lived with his poor old mum. One day Kye was running speedily through the dark wood. Kye helped carry the spotty bags home. So the beautiful kind lady gave him a magic ice cream freezer and told him to say the words, “Go cold, ice cream, go cold,” Then it will be full of freezing ice cream. When you have had enough say “STOP freezer STOP!” and it will stop. Kye ran home to show mum. “Go cold ice cream, go cold ice cream” she said. Soon the freezer was full of luscious ice cream. Unfortunately she couldn't remember the words to make it stop.

    Oh dear! First it slithered over the colourful sofa. Then it plopped under the radiator. After that it swept over the gigantic trees, Finally Kye made it stop. Everybody ate for a whole month and lived happily ever after.

  • Maths
    This term’s target work has seen us investigating and learning our 2, 5 and 10 times table. We have made groups of the amounts and added them together using a variety of different objects, and we are now beginning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s by rote. We have also learned this half terms Learn its - 4+2 =6, 5+2=7, 6+2=8 and 7+2=9.

    Other maths we have covered includes looking at money. We have looked at the value of each coin and started to add different coins together to find a total amount. We can also find the correct coins to make a total amount to give to others.








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Spring Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Sienna Cook & Eli Moulton

Our Spring Term Topic:
Wow! Pow!

Our core story for the next half-term will be How The Tortoise Got His Shell. We will begin by learning the story by heart, using drawings and actions to help us, and then exploring the text to think about the language used and any moral or message it contains. We will also be writing animal profiles and acting out the roles of different characters.

Throughout the term, we will continue to develop our understanding of sentence structure, ensuring we split ideas up correctly using full stops and capital letters. We will also be working hard to improve our spelling of key words. Finally, linked to our topic we will be exploring other stories that involve superheroes.

Our maths targets for the next half-term will focus on adding and subtracting one- and two-digit numbers, working with numbers to 20. We will begin by using practical methods (putting together groups of ’things’) and then move on to using number lines to support our work as we aim to do more maths on paper or in our heads. We will also be looking at measures, including measuring distances between buildings (so we know how far our heroes need to jump) and measuring liquids (to help make potions for our superpowers), Finally, we will be using directional and positional language to direct our heroes around the world.

We will be looking at how we can keep ourselves (and other humans) healthy. We will learn about the range of foods that we should eat to ensure we have a balanced diet, and recognise how exercise can keep us fit. We will also look at different parts of the body and use this knowledge to help us decide on powers and strengths for our superheroes.

We will be looking at the first flight, including the aircraft used and the pilots involved. We will be comparing these to the aircraft of today and those of space ships that fly into space. Using all of this knowledge, we will then be thinking around different ways our superheroes could travel if they have their flying powers taken away by enemies!

The Arts
In Art we will be looking at making patterns with shapes. We will look at pictures and patterns made by famous artists and at repeating patterns on wallpaper to inspire us. We will then use these ideas in our designs to make superhero capes and magical pants, ready for our fashion show!


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