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Falcons (Year 5/6)

Latest News x

  • Christmas
    We rounded-off the term with a brilliant Christmas party on Thursday 13th December, including loads of silly (and hotly contested) games and an awful lot of eating - a big thank you to everyone who donated party food, and a Merry Christmas to you all from all of us in Class 10!

  • disco
  • Reading Week
    Our Spooktacular Reading Week was a real success, with every child in the school taking part in a series of fun and engaging activities. Early in the week, we visited the library, where we were issued with our very own library cards. Almost all of us borrowed books and many of us are still visiting the library (and borrowing) on a regular basis. We then took part in workshops with two established authors. Dan Friedman is a writer who has had his range of football related books turned into a popular children’s TV series Jamie Johnson. He told us all about the way he changed careers from a journalist working with the England squad to a successful children’s author. In addition to this, we also met the hilarious Steve Cole who kept us entertained all afternoon with his energetic, all-action tales.


    During the week, we also took part in a reading treasure hunt, buddy reading with younger children and our Book Swap - all leading up to our Big Read day on Friday, where we all came to school in our pyjamas and settled down for a long, cosy read with our favourite books (and teddy bears!

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  • Romeo & Juliet
    Earlier this term, Year 5/6 were fortunate enough to not only watch, but take part in a performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The world-famous play was brought to us by The Young Shakespeare Company and through a lively presentation, we were able to follow and understand this age-old story. As you can see, our very own actors and actresses really rose to the occasion!

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  • Rugby Tournament
    Year 5 and 6 took part in the first of our inter-class tournaments of the year earlier in the term, which saw us splitting into mixed teams of four or five and playing in a set of round robin matches within our groups. The victors of each group then progressed into the semi-finals with the winners meeting in a hotly-contested final. All the adults involved were really impressed by the way everyone involved threw themselves into the action, with many of us showing previously hidden talents and some of our more experienced players demonstrating their leadership ability, coaching their teams and helping those around them to improve their play.


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  • Cross Country
    Our Year 5 cross-country team headed down to Fairlands Park for this year’s Stevenage Festival. With over 200 other Year 5s involved in the races, which saw us running half-a-mile around the middle lake, the competition was fierce - but our girls team, in particular, performed really well, with Libby Barber finishing 4th overall, Daniele Mazuolyte 18th and Crystal Adaramola 19th, with Tory, Abi and Hallie rounding out the team. In the boys event, meanwhile, Adi Patel was 15th, Ethan Atkinson finished 20th and Jamie Parry was 25th overall, with Eddy, Alfie and Lenny close behind.


What we've learnt about this term:x

  • English - Persuasive Writing
    Our writing this half-term has been all about recounts and, in particular, biographies. Our unit was tied to our topic of Ancient Greece and we learnt about the lives of Greek heroes, such as Theseus, Perseus and Achilles. We studied the features required in a biography and then produced detailled, informed pieces of writing of our own. You can see one example - Ross Arno’s biography of Perseus - here.
  • Science
    Our science work has continued to focus on exploring the way that materials change in different situations. We have separated mixtures by using a variety of methods such as filtering, decanting and sieving.


    We also set up an investigation to find out how changing different liquids could have an affect on the amount of time it took for sugar to dissolve - producing some rather surprising results. We had predicted that sugar would dissolve fastest in fizzy drinks, but what we discovered was that the sugar actually dissolved more slowly here. We have since learnt that this is because these liquids already contain a high concentration of sugar, and therefore it takes more time (or effort) to get even more sugar to ‘fit in’.

  • Groovy Greeks
    In history, we have continued to learn about Ancient Greece. We have learnt about the phenomenal leader, Alexander the Great, and the remarkable way he conquered a huge part of Europe and Asia by the time he was just 30 years old, and we have also contrasted life in Sparta and Athens. We discovered that life was very different in these two Greek states, and imagined what it would have been like to grow up in warlike Sparta (where all the men were taken away from their families for military training aged just 7 years old) and democratic, outgoing Athens.

    We also further depended our knowledge of the Ancient Greek gods and religions, developing our understanding of the wide range of gods that ancient peoples worshipped and the specific roles and responsibilities which they each had. We then drew on this knowledge to produce some excellent character descriptions - including this example:

    Demeter - Goddess of the harvest
    If you were ever fortunate enough to encounter Demeter, the first thing you would notice is her long, golden hair with two buns, tied by bright pink hair bands. Additionally, her pleasant smile is a delightful sight. As the Goddess of Harvest, she takes marvellous care of her flowering plants. Gracefully watering the seeds, she carefully removes the plants when they are ripe, and she wonderfully spreads the seeds from each plant. Moreover, when Demeter speaks, her voice is as pure as water and as light as a feather. Dressed simply in a green vest and a bright yellow dress, she is never seen without her ripe wheat, as golden as gold. Demeter is as elegant as the warm breeze.
    by Chloe Ngaosi







Latest newsletter - download here

Summer Term Topic Plan - download here

Our School Councillors:
Ross Arno & Lily Street

Our Summer Term Topic:
Magnificent Mayans

Following on from all the work we’ve done linked to the Harry Potter stories over the last few weeks, we will be moving on to create our own ’rags to riches’ stories this term. We will be using characters from our literary heritage, such as Matilda, Cinderella and Percy Jackson as our base, and imagining what it would be like to face the same challenges as some of these fictional figures.

Throughout our work, we will be focussing in particular on the use of speech to show character, including the use of slang to show degrees of familiarity and friendship between characters. We will also be tightening up on our use of punctuation in and around direct speech.

Our maths work this half term will include going back to our core operations, really ensuring that we have fluency in numbers up to a million (including whole numbers and decimal numbers with up to three decimal places). We will practice counting forwards and backwards in 10s, 100s, 1000s and 10 000s from any starting point, as well as continuing to speed-up our recall of tables facts, which we will be tested on every week. We will also be exploring data handling this term, analysing information presented in bar and line charts and using this to answer complex questions.

We will be continuing with our forces topic, looking at air and water resistance and the effect that these can have on moving objects (such as planes and ships) and the way these are designed. Following on from this, we will start to look at different life cycles (eg. frogs, butterflies and humans), building on work from previous years.

We will begin by discovering who the Mayans were, where they lived and when their civilisation existed. We will then investigate their daily lives, comparing their homes, schools, clothes, food and warriors with other historical civilisations we have already learnt about (eg. Greeks, Romans and Normans). We will also be exploring Mayan Gods and religion. Finally, we will be exploring Mayan Art and using this to inspire our own work.

In RE, we will be learning about the roles and responsibilities of leaders in different religions, comparing their daily lives and the way they lead their faith communities.

The Arts:
Tying in with our Computing work on photography, we will be creating mood boards, based on our changing feelings. Later in the term, we will be building on our history work to design and create colourful, vibrant, animal-themed head-dresses in the style of the Ancient Maya.


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